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The sickening final insult of peadophile grandfather who abused 11-year-old girl

The sickening final insult of paedophile who abused his 11-year-old granddaughter

  • A convicted paedophile has tried to evade paying his victim’s assistance grant
  • A pensioner, aged in his 70s, molested his 11-year-old granddaughter in 2016 
  • He was sentenced to jail time, which was never served due to his age and health
  • When the victim was awarded an assistance grant, he claimed he can’t afford it 

A convicted paedophile who sexually assaulted his 11-year-old granddaughter has tried to weasel his way out of paying a $3500 victim assistance grant. 

The grandfather was convicted and sentenced to 21 months jail for the molestation of the young girl while he was living in his son’s Queensland home in 2016.

Despite his despicable act the man has never served a day behind bars.

The judge suspended his sentence after citing his age, poor health and a low risk of reoffending.

Now the pensioner, aged in his 70s, adamantly argues he cannot afford $3500 allocated to the young girl under the Victims of Crime Assistance Act.

A convicted paedophile who molested his granddaughter says he can’t afford to pay her victim’s assistance grant (stock image)

After the conviction was registered, the young girl successfully applied for financial support from Victim Assist Queensland (VAQ), The Courier Mail reported.

She was granted $3500, which the VAQ sought to retrieve from the paedophile.

However, when he was approached for the money, he denied he could afford it. 

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard the elderly man argue he should not have to pay because he had no assets and was sick.

He claims his only income is from the fortnightly disability support pension.

But he also said that, should he find a way to scrounge up the money, the amount he owes should be reduced.

The grandfather cited his poor health and the pension being his only source of income as reasons for being unable to pay the $3500 grant (stock image)

The grandfather cited his poor health and the pension being his only source of income as reasons for being unable to pay the $3500 grant (stock image)

Under the Act, the maximum assistance on offer for victims of sex offences is $3500.

A tribunal convened in Townsville on Sunday to decide whether his appeal of the assistance be successful.

One member of the tribunal said the grandfather committed acts of violence and never showed remorse for his behaviour.  

‘He simply says that he is an aged pensioner who has poor health and he cannot afford to repay the amount sought to be recovered from him,’ the tribunal member said.

‘Neither his age or health are grounds to support any proposition that the amount should be reduced,’ the member said. 

The tribunal lamented the amount given represents the community’s recognition of the travesties a victim lived through.

The member found the pensioner was liable to pay the full sum of $3500.