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The smile you have always dreamed of without having to spend a fortune to get it!

There is no doubt that healthy-looking teeth are a very important factor in defying the quality of life as well as a person’s attitude towards health and appearance. Unfortunately, not many people can boast of the so-called, Hollywood smile without undergoing dental procedures such as dental implants.

This has become the main reason for the rapid development of implant dentistry, which is a relatively new direction of dentistry. For many people, however, spending thousands of pounds on getting a beautiful smile is not really an option. That is why, dental procedures abroad, such as teeth implants in Poland can be the best choice for those wanting to find top quality and affordable dentistry services.

Dental Implants – why are they so important?

The use of dental implants is recommended in the case of various types of teeth damage, such as a single missing tooth, several missing teeth, complete toothlessness, and damaged teeth. There are three major types of dental implants:

  • a single implant held by one screw installed to substitute one lost tooth,
  • bridge implants installed using two screws on each side of the bridge usually holding three-tooth crowns,
  • an arch substituting for the entire jaw where even 6 implants can be installed.

Dental implants are considered to be the best option for replacing missing teeth. Filling in the gaps between teeth is necessary not only because of esthetic reasons, but what is even more important, to prevent further dental problems such as bone deterioration. One of the most popular dental procedures, conventional prosthetic bridges, require filing down teeth adjacent to the gap.

It involves damaging of enamel, which weakens the structure of healthy teeth and may lead to the deterioration of their condition. Dental implants, unlike the removable prosthesis, are permanently inserted into the maxillary bone and replace the root of the tooth stimulating the bone tissue, which helps to slow down the bone loss process as well as stop facial muscles from sagging.

What is more, it prevents adjacent teeth from growing into the gap left after the tooth extraction. The implant is permanent and, with proper care and oral hygiene can be used for the rest of the patient’s life.

Benefits of dental tourism

In recent decades, medical tourism, especially dental tourism, has been rapidly growing in popularity among patients in Europe and North America. In the past, the idea to travel abroad to find high-quality and affordable dental treatment would not have occurred to anyone.

First of all, a dentist has been considered a doctor who people usually know and trust, so they preferred it when his office was in the neighborhood. What is more, a visit to the dentist has been considered a last resort and people did not think about dental procedures in beauty and increasing the quality of life categories.

During the recent two decades, it can be observed that people from the developed countries in Western Europe travel to less developed countries, such as Poland, Czech Republic, and Hungary, in search of modern dental clinics offering high-quality cosmetic dentistry services, especially teeth implants.

What is the reason for that? The answer is very simple. The prices for the same dental procedures in the UK or the USA are substantially higher than those offered by clinics abroad and, at the same time, the quality of the provided services is comparable.

Dental Tourism Destinations – Poland

Nowadays, there is no doubt that the countries offering dental tourism treatment maintain very high standards of services. For instance, Poland has proved to be one of the most popular medical tourism destinations in Europe, especially when it comes to dental procedures.

One of the most important advantages of Poland is the low cost of dental implants. These prices for one dental implant in the UK start from £ 2,000 to £ 2,500 whereas a patient in Poland can expect a price starting at £ 300 per tooth. Full dentures in the UK cost from £ 7,000 to even £ 28,000 whereas prices in Poland range from £ 4,000 to £ 9,000.

Moreover, patients in Poland may choose from a variety of modern top-quality clinics situated in the biggest cities such as Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, and Wroclaw. The clinics offer affordable prices for all-inclusive treatment packages. Close attention is paid to provide patients with excellent modern equipment and accommodation, professional medical care provided by the best dentists as well as control visits in the clinic, if necessary.

Clinics in Poland are prepared to treat English-speaking patients who should not be afraid of the language barrier as it is imperative that the doctors and medical staff speak English as well as other languages. Moreover, it is easy to get necessary information about a particular clinic, its equipment, sanitary conditions, and medical staff as they usually run their websites in English.

Another reason why Polish clinics are so popular among foreign patients is the variety of accredited medical agencies offering help for those who want to find the best clinics with the most attractive all-inclusive packages. Patients can also get information and advice on the most suitable and cheap flight connections and ask for tips on how to organize the travel.

Nowadays, the cost of traveling by plane is not as high as it used to be and there is a great number of flight connections. Traveling to Poland from the most major European cities has become comfortable and cheap.

Another advantage of becoming a dental tourist is an opportunity to spend some time sightseeing and enjoying the stay as all regular tourists do. It is a great idea to visit top tourist attractions in Poland, such as Cracow, Warsaw, Wroclaw or Gdansk. In this way, dental tourism becomes something more than a chance to undergo an affordable dental procedure in Poland.

It is an opportunity to rest, relax and add another fascinating tourist destination to the list of the visited places.


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