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The story of BIG KIDD TWNH, the song that launched rapper Marcus Jacob Matthews

The story of BIG KIDD TWNH, the song that launched rapper Marcus Jacob Matthews as a leading rapper in the music industry

“BIG KIDD TWNH” was initially kicked off by Marcus Jacob Matthews – known professionally as BIG KIDD – through a YouTube video that got viral. But that only seemed to help the hit BIG KIDD’s popularity skyrocket. In fact, since then, BIG KIDD has had success after success with his “hard” rapping — and now he’s got one more.

The budding referent of Australian rap and hip-hop, BIG KIDD, was introduced as the youngest and most authentic face of the genre globally. This at a time when the industry division is in high demand -one of its highest peaks since the 90’s era. As Forbes points out: “If you believe that you and your music deserve the most opportunities, prove it. The only way you’ll be able to convince others to reward you with the looks you want is to explain, with evidence, that you’re worthy of the opportunity”. BIG KIDD TWNH has proven exactly this.

BIG KIDD TWNH aka “They Were Never My Homies” was one of the first music pieces that Big Kidd had launched. The piece – that can be found on the artist’s YouTube channel – gained a lot of views in a short amount of time. The recording is also available on the rappers Apple Music, Spotify page and more.

The rise to success

Although the dream of becoming a leading rapper in the music industry was just one of his innocent little goals from the past, in the years that followed Big Kidd had eventually become one. He has never felt overwhelmed with such a high level of competition that is already there in the music industry. Big Kidd focuses on the further improvements of his skills and potentials.

Besides, one aspect that Big Kidd has always focused on is the philosophy of originality and uniqueness. The artist believes that when a person is truly unique, he attracts much more eyeballs as compare to the degree of attention that he might get if he tries to gel-in with the others around or with the kind of trends that are already available in the market to an extensive degree. This uniqueness is also seen very clearly in the type of music that Big Kidd produces and the kind of project that he involves himself in.

Other than these aspects, another thing that sets him apart from the various other rappers in the industry is that Big Kidd focuses on deep emotions and especially those that are often ignored by many. The deep pain and suffering that a person can experience because of the unhealthy and ineffective relationships with others are one of the many severe emotions that he talks about in his deep music.

Music as inspiration

Big Kidd has made a choice to use music as a profession. His music represents the way he has opted to live, in the present and in the future.

With hard work and dedication, Big Kidd has been able to make a name in the rapping industry. Indeed, Big Kidd is known as a unique rapper that focuses on his own individual style and does not focus on copying the styles being adopted by other rappers in the industry.

With more and more dedicated efforts by Big Kidd, his popularity has grown to such a high degree that is regarded among many professional rappers that have been serving for many years in the music industry.