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The Stress-Free Way to Pack Up and Go

Have you bought a new home, but are you afraid of moving? Here are our simple tips for making a stress-free move!

Moving from the old house to the new one means abandoning one’s habits, security, and tranquility. Moving is a difficult time characterized by psychological stress and physical fatigue.

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To start off on the right foot at this moment in your life, create a roadmap, this is where your stress-free move begins. Starting one month before the scheduled date, write down day by day what you need to do, for example:

  • contact trusted movers
  • get some boxes, scotch tape, and a felt-tip pen
  • divide the objects to be boxed into categories
  • start to box something every day

This is just one example of the roadmap you could plan. Doing something every day will make everything feel lighter!

Choose the right mover

For a stress-free move, the choice of the mover is essential. It must be a trustworthy person who gives you peace of mind.

Remember that the mover is the one to whom you entrust all your things, your memories. So to be sure, ask for information who has already lived this experience and get advice.

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If you are not a professional person, you risk finding yourself with ruined furniture and objects, or even worse it could damage the common areas of the building where you are going to live, immediately creating discontent in the new neighbors.

It is also recommended that you check that the mover has a license and insurance coverage. In addition, a good mover is also able to make changes to your furniture in case you need them before assembly.

Get rid of everything you actually no longer use

By emptying all the furniture and cabinets, things you may have forgotten you may have come into your hand. Take advantage of this moment to throw away all the things you don’t need or have always kept for no good reason.

This way you will have much less stuff to move and there will be more order and space in your new home. Your stress will decrease as soon as the order around you increases.

Perfect packaging

Perfect packaging is essential for a stress-free move. To do this you have to equip yourself with large boxes that are usually provided by the mover himself, brown packing tape, plastic with bubbles or newspapers, felt-tip pens.

Each box must contain a distinct category of objects. Once filled, remember to write on it the category and the reference room (for example children’s room books). In this way, you can have it transported directly to the right environment without having to move it further when you have to tidy things up in the new house.

In addition, by doing so, you will find what you want when needed and you will not be forced to empty everything at the end of the move. You can take a day off without going crazy.

Fill a trolley with primary goods

Removals generally last a whole day. This means that when it all ends it will be evening and you will find yourself in your new home surrounded by boxes.

Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare a small suitcase in which to put the things you will need right away, such as sheets, towels, pajamas and beauty products. This way you will relax in your new home and you can put off the rest until the next day.

If moving was your reason not to buy a new home, now you have no more excuses!