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The Three-Step Guide To Take Care Of Your Upholstery That No One Told You About!

In case no one told you yet – The germs that live in your upholstery are endless. Pathogens, allergens, dust, dirt – the list goes on. More often than not, we miss out on the accumulations of these little residents. It’s scary because they can prove to be harmful to our health. Breathing problems, skin problems, etc. are aggravated due to the microorganisms present on your couch.

Regular cleaning of this bacteria ensures a safe and secure living. It also doesn’t hurt to keep the upholstery of your house neat and tidy! Don’t worry; it’s an easy process too. Here’s how you can clean your upholstery with the help of minimum upholstery cleaning products in three doable steps.

But….wait! Before you get into the process, here is what you will require.


  • Dish soap liquid (Your favourite fragrance, preferably)
  • Any small bucket
  • Upholstery Brush
  • A Vacuum Cleaner
  • Rough cloth
  • Pre-Mist
  • Rug-Dry Cleaner

All right, you’re good to go. Let’s dive right into it.

Step One – Suction Required

Let’s get some vacuuming done! Are you ready? You can begin from the top of the furniture and eventually work your way down to the bottom. Do this in a zig-zag fashion going from left to right. Make sure that you cover the areas under and around the seams of the cushion.

Like us, if you too might have small objects stuck, then you can tie a cloth to make sure that you don’t take in any coins or old earrings! Make sure that you use the upholstery attachment when you suction. You can vacuum any material from suede to linen, provided you know when to switch between low and high!

Step Two – Complete Spot Removal

This step targets and erases all kinds of stains. You can do this with the pre-mist provided that you have tried it on a similar material or surface before. Make sure you have your rug/carpet cleaner ready with you. Put some of it onto the stain. Dab the carpet with the powder. You can use a clean cloth for this. Finally, you may now vacuum!

You’ll notice that the stains will have started to come off. Although, you may have to repeat the process if they’re too stubborn. You can use this on polyester, linen, or cotton. Avoid using anything that’s silicone-based, especially on leather. You can gently wipe the cloth on a Vinyl or leather area. The dry cloth helps in ensuring that there’s no residue left!

Step Three – The Fun Part: Sudsing

SUDSING, or the cooler way to say soapy water is the final step in the process. As the name suggests, you need to make soapy water from the dish soap. Use ½ a teaspoon of dish soap to do so. After you’ve created suds with warm water, run the brush through it. You need not completely submerge the brush into the water. Use the brush and lightly run it over the fabric.

Make sure you don’t soak the fabric in soapy water as that will be one hell of a task to get back from! Just a light feather touch should essentially get the job done. The W or Ws label on the couch is a sure-shot sign of being able to use them. Other labels include:

X- You need to hire a professional to clean the couch.

S- Avoid sudsing. However, you can spot clean or vacuum the piece.


Isn’t it nice to relax in a cleaner environment? Gone are the days when you weren’t sure about the right equipment to use. You could even use an upholstery steam cleaner before vacuuming. Now, we have all the information we need to improve our health by getting rid of dirt in our surroundings. After all, we spend so much time at home. These breeding areas are more common than one can think. Hence, you must get rid of them as soon as possible.

Did this list help you? Let us know if you completed the three-step process and how much time it took you to do so!


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