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The Top 2020 Tech Innovations To Be On The Look Out For This Year

Did you know that 60 million pairs of Apple AirPods were sold in 2019? They are so popular that it seems that everyone walking down the street has a pair of these wireless earphones.

Due to competition in the tech market, companies are competing and vying for first place. This is great news for the consumer as we are constantly being offered new technology with never before seen functionality.

What innovations will be next? What should you be looking at now to stay up to date with 2020 tech innovations? Why not check out our in-depth guide below to find out.

  • Samsung Ballie

If you ever watched Star Wars and wanted your own r2d2 or BB-8, then technology may have just caught up with your dreams. Samsung Ballie is a cross between a robotic companion and Alexa.

It is a small ball equipped with cameras and sensors that can literally follow you around and talk to you as you go about your daily life. When you are out of the house it can take photos and monitor happenings at home. When you come home it can even act as your fitness instructor.

  • 5G iPhone

The move to 5G has been one of the most talked-about developments of the last years. It is being slowly rolled out across the globe and for this reason, 5G specific phones are not yet available everywhere.

Apples 5G iPhone is not expected to be out until September, this will give plenty of time for 5G to have rolled-out some more. It will be an impressive device. A blend of trademark high-performing Apple hardware, together with faster internet speeds than ever seen before. The sky is the limit.

In fact, the 5G Phone is not the only communications device that is receiving attention in 2020. All technologies from two way radios to satellite phones are receiving upgrades and will be more functional than ever before.

  • BMW i3 Urban Suite

While it continues to offer many family-friendly vehicle options, BMW is finally thinking about the single and couples of this world. The Urban Suite takes a normal-sized BMW i3 interior and removes all the seats except 2. It then turns the rest of the space into a kind of living room. There is coat hanging space, heated cupholders and table, and desk-lamp features.

They are clearly aiming for the market of single people or couples and offering better use of the space that is not being occupied by children. A great idea that will be snapped up by business people everywhere.

  • Dell Alienware Concept UFO

This is all the power of a Wındows PC in a Nıntendo Switch sized device. It features an 8-inch screen that can be detached from the controllers. Simply place it on its kickstand and game away. you can even control it will keyboard or mouse peripherals.

It is not clear exactly when this will hit the shelves. However, it is no doubt the gaming experience that gamers are looking for.

  • Canon EOS-1D X Mark III

Perhaps you have heard the rumor that DSL cameras are being replaced by smaller devices such as iPhones? Canon doesn’t seem to believe it and has released a monster new DSLR camera to prove this fact.

The Canon EOS1D X Mark III stands on the shoulders of previous EOS cameras and boasts outstanding options. It has a new and faster Digic X processor and improved firmware.

It can also shoot 5.5K RAW video and 4K at 60 frames per second. This means that you can almost shoot a full move on your Canon. Do not expect this to be cheap, but it will shoot better video than you have ever seen.

  • Segway S-Pod

More seemingly movie-inspired tech is seen in the Segway S-Pod. If you watched in awe at the coolness of Professor Xavier’s motorized chair in the X-men movies, then this is your chance.

It is a single-seater Segway that can reach up to 24 miles per hour. You control your ride with a joystick. It has smart technology built-in as standard. This includes the auto-braking when cornering and lighting that indicates upcoming turns.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

If you want the ultimate flexibility, pick up a ThinkPad X1 Fold. no only is a full separate screen and keyboard device, but the screen is fully foldable.

It supports all the Windows 10 functions that you would expect including stylus input and Windows Ink. It works as a normal laptop with its magnetic keyboard peripheral. However, the foldable design means that it is far easier to carry than any other device.

  • Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor

The Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor is a monitor that is made for gamers. It is a 49-inch screen that curves beautifully and is an all-round elegant screen.

It is not only a pretty face. It has impressive hardware that will meet the need of any gamer. It has a 144p resolution and a 1 millisecond response time. It refreshes at rates up to 240hz. It will be hard to find a gaming monitor that looks as good or performs as good as the Odyssey G9.

2020 Tech Innovations and Much More

Technology is evolving on almost a daily basis. With tech superpowers such as the USA, India, and China constantly competing to create the latest and greatest inventions, it is fascinating to contemplate what will become available.

If you want to stay up to date with 2020 tech innovations, we are here to help. We leverage our years of experience in the tech world to offer reliable and in-depth guides to our readers. Why not follow our feed to find out more.

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