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The Top 5 Family-Friendly Travel Destinations in Jeddah

As the city between Mecca and Medina, Jeddah is the perfect starting point to choose when you visit Saudi Arabia’s two holy cities. Jeddah’s location makes it easy for locals and international travelers to perform the Hajj and Hijrah and explore the beautiful cities of Mecca and Medina.

And as the tourism capital of Saudi Arabia, you can find everything you’re looking for to have an incredible and unforgettable holiday. These include a variety of top-notch hotels, resorts, and accommodation options, such as Shangri-La Jeddah, the newest luxury hotel in the city.

By staying at Shangri-La Jeddah and other well-known hotels and resorts here, you can enjoy a more pleasant, comfortable, and luxurious stay in Jeddah, thanks to their world-class rooms, suites, facilities, and services.

Choosing Jeddah as your starting point, you and your family can visit several beautiful places and try different activities that everyone will enjoy.

Best Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Jeddah

If you’re making a list of places to visit with your family in Jeddah, make sure you add these top-rated ones:

Al Balad

Start your exploration of this incredible city by visiting Al Balad, also known as “Historic Jeddah,” one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Saudi Arabia. Al Balad was founded in the seventh century as an ancient trading port, thus, it was originally the city’s center of business and commerce. It served as the main gateway to Mecca.

This historical town is known for its traditional architecture and buildings featuring coral stones and lattice windows. Al Balad’s top attractions include the village majlis, Baeshen House, Bait Nassif, Matbouli House Museum, and The House of Traditional Arts.

Don’t forget to visit Jeddah’s oldest mosque, Masjid Shaffie or Umary mosque, which was built around 1,400 years ago.

You and your family can also do some shopping at Al Dahab Street, the old pilgrimage road, which is full of shops and cart vendors peddling abayas, clothes, shoes, fabrics, nuts, and spices.

Al Rahma Mosque

Often called the floating mosque, the Al Rahma Mosque is one of the most picturesque and unique attractions in Saudi Arabia. The mosque, which is located on the Red Sea shoreline, stands on underwater stilts, making it look like it is floating over the sea.

The Al Rahma Mosque features traditional Islamic architecture and modern artistic touches. It boasts white marble, turquoise domes, and windows with Quranic verses carved in Arabic script.

The mosque’s arched windows provide panoramic views of the Red Sea and surrounding scenery. Additionally, its interior is decorated with elegant Islamic art. Whether you and your family are inside or outside the mosque, everyone will be awed by its majestic beauty.

This mosque can accommodate more than 21,000 worshippers and welcomes non-Muslim visitors during non-prayer hours.

Jeddah Waterfront

The Jeddah Waterfront is another must-visit attraction near the Red Sea.

Located on the Jeddah Corniche, the Jeddah Waterfront features a pier, swimming bays, leisure activity areas, green spaces, and pavilions. It is the perfect place for various fun family activities, such as picnics, biking, swimming, and playing other water sports.

Aside from the Al Rahma Mosque, which is located here, you and your family can visit the nearby Tawheed Mosque. The Jeddah Waterfront is also home to several malls, theme parks, restaurants, and cafes, making it the perfect destination for you and your family.

When you take a stroll on the pier in the late afternoon, you and your group will be treated to a captivating sunset. The sculptures around the area won’t fail to impress everyone, too.

Al Saif Beach

If you and your family want to spend a day at the beach, head to Al Saif Beach. Al Saif Beach boasts a calming, relaxing atmosphere, making it the ideal place for families looking for a restful time near the sea.

Locals and travelers flock to this beach for swimming and other water sports and activities. Its mesmerizing ocean views won’t fail to put you in a relaxing, peaceful mood as you lie on the sand or lounge chair.

Additionally, Al-Saif Beach is the perfect spot for camping, bonfires, and barbeques. If you don’t feel like preparing your meal or you and your group need a quick snack, indulge in the delicious food and beverages you can find at the beach shacks.

King Fahd’s Fountain

You and your family can’t leave Jeddah without seeing King Fahd’s Fountain, the tallest fountain in the world.

King Fahd’s Fountain can be found in King Fahd’s Garden. It stands at 313 meters and was designed and built in the same style as the Jet d’Eau, one of Geneva’s most popular fountains and landmarks.

Construction of the fountain started in the early ‘80s and officially opened to the public in 1985. It was built as a symbol of abundance and success.

King Fahd’s Fountain is in the middle of the garden’s lake. It was designed to give guests a place for quiet reflection and meditation. The garden is also popular as a picnic area for families, providing guests with a variety of amazing sceneries and backdrops.

At night, 500 spotlights illuminate the fountain, making it a must-see and photographed stunning view.

Regardless of how long you and your family are staying in Saudi Arabia, include these attractions in your itinerary. And look for other incredible places to visit in Jeddah since there are more to discover and explore.


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