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The tricks that will help you FINALLY find clothes that fit perfectly

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying clothes in your size, only for them to turn out baggy or too small to squeeze into.

Wildly inconsistent sizing on the high street means that a size 10 can vary by as much as four inches between retailers, while size 12 H&M shoppers have reported being unable to fit into the brand’s size 16 clothes. 

Now, experts from online retailer have revealed the tricks you need to find the perfect size, to coincide with the launch of its new Fit Finder interactive size guide.

From the time of day you shop to knowing your exact measurements rather than relying on dress size, these hacks mean you’ll never buy the wrong pair of jeans again.  

 Experts have revealed the tricks you need to find clothes that really fit among the wildly inconsistent sizing on the high street (stock image) 

Measure up

It’s always good to be clear about your body measurements, such as leg length and waist, before actually firing up your browser. Sizing systems can vary wildly between brands so knowing your basic numbers always boosts your chances of finding the right fit.

Knowing your numbers will help get you close to the right fit using a size chart.

Go with what you know 

Everyone’s got at least a few favourite items in their current wardrobe where the fit is perfect. Make a note of brands and items where you’re already super-happy with sizing and use these measurements to guide your next purchases. 

You’ll also often be able to enter specific reference brands when shopping online in order to get even more accurate sizing recommendations so having a standby list of reliable names from your current wardrobe is well worth the effort

Store  Waist measurement  Dress size 
Boden  25-26½ 
John Lewis 26 10 
New Look  26 
Topshop  26 
Pull & Bear  26½  10 
Reiss  27  10 
Dorothy Perkins  27½ 10 
Sainsbury’s  28 
Next  28  10 
All Saints  28-29  10 
Dorothy Perkins  29  12 
Sainsbury’s  30  10 
John Lewis  30  14 
Topshop  30  12 

Know what you want 

A perfect fit is about much more than a simple size or set of measurements, it’s about how you actually feel in the item when it’s on – and every person’s preferences are different. 

A little time invested in understanding when you favour tight or loose cuts will pay off when it comes to choosing the right size. 

With year-round outerwear items such as jackets, you’ll probably want to factor in a little extra capacity for comfort, for example, whereas jeans will tend to demand a tighter fit.

Knowing your body measurements is a more reliable way to find perfectly-fitting clothes than relying on the size on the label (stock image)

Knowing your body measurements is a more reliable way to find perfectly-fitting clothes than relying on the size on the label (stock image)

Dress for your body shape 

Though it’s not an exact science, we do all tend to fall into one of several classic body shapes such as hourglass, pear, apple or athletic. 

Knowing which broad category of body type you fall into is incredibly useful in working out which aspects of your overall outfit you’ll want to emphasise.

It also frees up a little headspace for concentrating more fully on fit knowing that you’ve already narrowed down your selection to clothes that are sure to flatter you.

Give yourself some wiggle room 

Your exact body dimensions naturally fluctuate during the day and across the year as a whole. Be kind to both current and future you by factoring in this reality from the get-go when it comes to choosing the right cut. 

Particularly when it comes to year-round wardrobe staples, aim slightly on the loose side to give yourself the best possible chance of the right fit over time. 

Stats from across Britain show that shoppers who favour closer cuts tend to end up disappointed and have to return items more often.

Store  Waist  Hips  Bust       
John Lewis  26  36  34       
Monsoon  26½  36½ 34½       
H&M  26¾  36¼  33       
River Island  27  37  34.5       
New Look  27 37 35  
M&S  27½  37½  34¼       
Primark  27½ 37  34      
Oasis  27½ 36.6 34.6       
Wallis  27½ – 28½ 37 – 38   34 – 35.5      
Next  28  37 N/A     
Tu at Sainsbury’s   30  38  35       



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