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The Ultimate Guide on How to Stay Positive in the Modern Info Field

Nowadays, media is an ultimate force that influences our lives like nothing else. This is a part of the world that has the most power over the society. We are constantly bombarded by media messages that shape our reality. But are they always what we need? Can we stay positive when the environment is full of bad news?

Gone are the times of quality and meaningful information. Today, the more scandalous news you provide, the more attention you get. Unfortunately, not all modern social messages are positive. Sometimes, they are very far from it. What influence would you like to experience? Would you change anything about the way media works today?

Surely, we all hope for something good and inspirational. However, it is becoming harder and harder to avoid all the negativity of modern media. The information repletion leads to disruptive consequences making media channels resort to some extreme ways. Neutral news and routine stories are nothing new; they do not attract the attention of people. Depicting the reality gaudily is a new trend that is embraced by most channels.

Looking for a source of information, we have to be careful of those channels that have only profit in mind. Such websites are full of biased news articles and latch onto anything trending. They do not mind covering scandalous and atrocious stories; they thrive on them. Instead, we are looking for those rare gems that publish positive news and tell us inspirational stories influencing our own thinking in a good way. If you have such a goal, you can find what you are looking for.

It is a pity that something that is meant to be a source of endless information mostly brings negativity into our lives. How do we protect ourselves from its influence? Is it hard to remain innocent and maintain positive thinking?

The Allure of Horror

Unfortunately, a regular user does not pay attention to the premise of information they read. Most of the time, we are those regular people who consume any information presented to us. That is why media is taking care to include shocking content that leaves us no choice but to notice it. Even if loving bad stories seems wrong for you, your subconsciousness will not neglect this kind of news. Have you ever wondered why we love this stuff so much? Why are horror movies so popular? All those thrillers, suspense, psychopaths, and ghosts are the favorite types of movie content the modern cinema dwells on. Though we would like to, we cannot blame their directors alone. As you know, “Supply always comes on the heels of demand.”

Most psychologists and professors would claim that people simply love to be scared. We all like the rush of adrenalin, quickened heartbeat, wave of fear. We love the way it makes our body feel. The combination of this physical reaction and the understanding that we are staying in a safe environment is what supposedly makes horror stories popular. However, may there be something more than bodily excitement?

We want something that affects us. Scary stories have everything we need in this aspect: tension, relevance, unrealism. The first ingredient makes us interested. It keeps us focused on the story and afraid to miss a shocking turn of events. Relevance is a little harder to reach. It may be personal or social relevance, a thing that touches something deep within us. Unrealism does not always mean an addition of fantasy elements. Though with fictional works we know that the story is not real for sure, media news also seems fanciful in most cases. We tend to distance ourselves from the events that happen far away with other people.

Sensation seeking is a driving force that makes creepy stories so alluring to us. But it is not the only component. According to Sharon Begley of The Daily Beast publication, fiction content usually leaves us with no doubt who the bad guy is and, despite the scary bits, it mostly has a happy ending. Is this strict division between good and evil and the lack of necessity to choose between them, what brings us to this kind of content? Then what do we get from that negativity in the media news? May the negative feeling we experience intensify our happiness when something good happens? Do we like to hear depression news to feel better about our lives?

The psychology of why horror and negativity are noticed more often is complex and not fully uncovered even today. What we should really do is distance ourselves from all that negativity and find our own way to stay happy.

There are a few tips to help you sort out this media mess and stay positive.

Ways of Positive Thinking

It is hard to maintain a positive attitude when all we hear about are bad news from the Internet and TV.  In addition, all that digital bullying and “self-acclaimed critics” are highly provocative. It is hard to find an interesting topic online where people would be polite and respectful towards each other. People are hidden behind the false shield of digital anonymity and release their worst impulses towards unsuspecting users. It is also almost impossible to completely eliminate murders, horrors, and violence from the information field. Can we really avoid all negativity? How do we protect our children?

There are many ways to stay positive in the modern society of violence.

The first way is to deliberately look for good news. When we are full of depressive news from the web, reading a success story of a happy person is a great way to feel inspired. Finding stories about love, compassion, excitement, and simply something good will wipe all negativity from your lives. Reading good news for people who love bad news is a good way to change their perspective on life.

Relax. Taking your time off from technologies and the constant information flow is a good break for all of us. Find a place of peace within yourself and just relax. Try practicing yoga or meditation. Do sports, go for a walk, read a good book. All these activities will ease your mind and freshen you up.

Laugh. Have you noticed that even in times of depressive thoughts and the feeling of dread a good laugh instantly boosts your mood? Even when you think it is impossible to laugh during grim times, do not doubt the power of positivity. Notice how the best comedians tend to joke about the saddest and most negative aspects of our lives.

Filter your content. If you wonder how to stop watching bad stuff, this is your answer. Do not even let negative stories enter your life. No more horror movies, criminal news, and unhealthy debates on the Internet. A good content blocker will help you avoid negativity in the first place.

Writing. A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality showed that people who wrote down positive experiences in their lives were happier than the control group. Moreover, they showed fewer visits to health centers and experienced fewer illnesses. This is the actual power of positive thinking showed by science. Do you still doubt the necessity to stay enthusiastic and get rid of bad thoughts?

Seek adventure. Taking into account that our love of horrors derives from the search for adrenaline, our own adventures can satisfy our needs. Think about something thrilling and funny. You don’t have to get into anything dangerous to compensate media negativity. A simple trip to another city or country is a good adventure that will bring you new experiences and joy.

These are a few tips on how to avoid the bad influence of negative hot news media wants to feed us. Mind what you are reading and you are good to go! Avoid Internet bullies or simply do not pay attention to them—without your response, they have no interest in you.

Are You a Positive Person?

Distancing yourself from the destructive power of modern media is easier than you may think. Though we face negativity every day, we can remain positive by simply surrounding ourselves with positive people, content, and thoughts. Even if you cannot avoid everything bad modern society has to offer you, embrace it, think about it as a part of our lives, and move on. There is nothing disastrous in facing negativity once in a while. We are naturally attracted to it, either to provide contrast to everything good in our lives or to add adrenaline to our settled existence—it is a part of our society.

Can you say that you are a positive human being who has the strength to find bright colors in our world? Do you want to become this person? There is nothing impossible when people set certain goals in their lives. Make positivity your objective. Start with changing yourself: the way you think, interact with people, and live. In the future, you can become the reason why people around you are changing as well.

Do not let bad news influence your way of thinking and let positivity shelter you.