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The Ultimate Guide to Know about CNC Turning

Gone are the days when inaccurate measurements were pretty common in the precision industry. With the advent of technology, now machine parts can be manufactured with flawless accuracy with CNC or Computer Numerical Control. In simple words, CNC turning is a process using pre-programmed computer software to operate individual tools.

Thankfully, the CNC turning process was being introduced in mankind in 1960; it has been adopted in the industrial sectors across the world. Besides shaping raw materials, you can also make the most CNC turn to perform other complex jobs of grinding, lathing, milling, routing, etc.

How does CNC Turning work

As you might have assumed, CNC turning is a process that aims to shape the parts according to the exact measurements you have specified. So, in the process, the machine part is being secured by the lathe, and simultaneously a cutting tool will shape the raw material. To ensure that the raw material is shaped just the way the task requires, you will have to enter the measurements into the machine with CAD software.

The computer will first read the instructions entered via the CAD software, and then it will operate the cutting tool to abide by the measurements you require. This is quite different from conventional machining as here, the work decision acts as the core of the process, and the cutting tool follows the orders.

Advantages of CNC turning

Whether you want into the mechanical sector or your hobby is to shape and design the tools without flaws and errors, you would need to use the CNC turning. Therefore, before you invest in this advanced system for your organization, it is essential to understand the advantages of using this technology in the first place. Here are some of the benefits that you will observe if you consider CNC turning parts over manually machined parts:

High precision

Often when you decide to shape or grind wood and other metals manually, the output lacks accuracy. Even if you use an electronic saw, the results might not be best suited for professional assignments. As you would be the one to handle the process, you are expected to make errors, because let us admit that you are human! However, with CNC turning, you would deliver outputs matching the exact prototype’s exact specifications. Regardless of the size and shape of the part you need, the CNC machine will give you whatever you ask for!

High efficiency

Your group of advanced engineers cannot work as efficiently as CNC turning machines do. That is quite obvious given that you are competing against machines operated by advanced level software. If you have received a big task but wonder if it is logically impossible to deliver the products within the deadline, think otherwise because, with CNC machines, you can do anything.

Reduced labor and costs

Your operating expenses will skyrocket if you hire a few advanced engineers to complete your tasks. Instead of investing in the workforce, you should consider getting a CNC turning machinery. You would only need a programmer to load the design and a supervisor to monitor the process.

Better safety guaranteed

Every year, many workers employed in the manufacturing sector suffer from accidents because of being too close to sharp tools. To ensure the production process is safe and no workers get harmed, you can consider implementing the CNC turning equipment in your warehouse.

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