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The ultimate guide to promote applications on Instagram

Instagram was first launched in the year 2010. Ever since then, it has taken the world by storm. We find millions of accounts on Instagram, including that of people but also of the various brands that have increased their presence on a digital platform. These brands can be of any genre, clothes, accessories, or even apps. Yes, nowadays with Instagram having nearly 800 million active users, any brand that wants to promote an application on Instagram can easily do it. But do all of them know the ultimate guide to promote applications on Instagram?

Today, Instagram has become a big name and a brand in itself in the mobile marketing world. It is that global platform today that doesn’t hesitate in giving opportunities to businesses, irrespective of their capital and size. In this way, the businesses which are involved in the promotion and branding of applications are able to reach out to millions of users on Instagram. Today, Instagram is a platform that helps in bringing brands and customers closer. The various applications to be promoted on Instagram are set up after the categorization of the target audiences because all applications are not meant to be used by everyone. Some are kids friendly while some are not, so setting up a target audience is necessary.

There are some tips and tricks which need to be followed by the brands before promoting an application.

  1. Instagram campaigning

In order to create an ad-campaign on Instagram, an ad must be first created from the Facebook Ads Manager. Here the marketing objective needs to be defined. Since logging in to Instagram has to be done via Facebook, so any campaign created on Facebook can also be made available for Instagram campaigning. Whatever be the platform, certain details are to be specified, that is, location, interests, etc.

But before developing ad creatives, Instagram must be selected as the targeting placement. After choosing the placement category, the ad creatives must be built. Furthermore, the correct and appropriate images must be chosen, only because Instagram is a visual platform, and users are only concerned with how a product looks. The display becomes a determinant factor of whether a product will be used by a user or not.

Since the campaign is concerned with the promotion of a mobile application, then the call to action (CTA) must be “download.” CTA has an immense effect on a campaign’s clickthrough and conversion rate.

  1. Number of Followers:-

The utmost thing that you should keep in mind is the number of followers you have on the account through which you are going to promote applications. More number of followers results in more number of impressions. If you have fewer followers, then getting more number of Instagram followers is not a big deal. Just simply buy them.

  1. Hashtags

The creation of a hashtag should be done in such a way that users are able to recognize the brand at ease. The hashtag must be used with every insta-post or ad that is created. Recognition of the hashtag is necessary for users to reach the brand and know more about the application that it is trying to promote. Often it is seen that any post with suitable hashtags is at a higher chance of receiving more likes in comparison to those posts which contain no hashtags.

  1. Business Profile

In order to commence a business promotion on Instagram, the brand must ensure that the account on Instagram is not a private one. The brands promoting applications must carry a business profile instead of a private account. A business profile has all the necessary features by which customers can get attracted. The business profile enables the brand to add contact buttons so that the customers can reach it via call, e-mail, or direct messages. Even the brand line in the bio must be crisp yet meaningful so that it makes sense to the users reading it. Even the profile must be filled up with useful posts in order to describe the business’s purpose and intent.

  1. Collaborations

The brands must do their homework well in advance so that they are able to know of those users who are either verified or have a huge fan following. Such users are known as influencers. Collaborating with influencers is considered to be the best way to do the marketing of any application. Other users are able to connect with such influencers and thus the application promoted by them is bound to gain more promotions and branding, in comparison to the users who have a smaller number of fans. Even if the concerned application is reviewed by the influencers, then there are even greater chances of the application landing up on many mobile phones. Influencers indeed cast an influence on other users, hence enabling the usage of the application to boost up.

Instagram is one of the world’s fastest-growing social networking sites. Hence, this popularity makes it convenient for a brand to promote an application on Instagram. Many entrepreneurs and brands find Instagram to be a platform where applications can be promoted and receive profits in return.