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The weirdest casino slots: play them or loathe them

“There is no such thing as bad publicity” – they said. “The weirder the better!” – they shouted. You wanted, you begged, you waited – you got it!

We admire people’s creativity and readiness to break out of conventional ways. We are happy to see that besides the traditional, all-time favorite real online pokies of Australia there is always something exotic you can treat yourself to.

So, without any further ado, we present to you 5 online casino slots with unconventional and unique themes, if you can put it his way.

Spoiler alert: anyone with too little sense of humor and too much earnestness won’t be able to stand this article.

Bible-themed slots

Right, we will not try to save the best for last. Instead, we like to hit hard at the very start.

Many people believe that the Bible considers gambling a sin and even calls it so somewhere in the sacred writings. That is why daring to create a casino game based on the characters and plotlines from the Holy Book may seem like the most wicked and diabolically genius scoff ever.

On the one hand, it might offend some Christians; on the other – look silly and tacky.

The truth is the Bible doesn’t even mention gambling, and there is no calling it names. The Holy Book talks a lot about how coveting and love of money can negatively affect a human soul and turn it away from God.

It also states that games of chance or luck promote an unhealthy ‘rewards for nothing’ attitude that automatically eliminates the idea of putting your heart into what you do.

Anyway, the Bible-themed slots (did you see that – ‘slots’ – plural) exist, whether you love it or hate it.

For those who are interested, they are

  • Adam & Eve Slots (Las Vegas-style casino app, available for free in the App Store);
  • Noah’s Arc (a pokie by IGT featuring fun-looking animals);
  • Garden of Eden (a Playtech’s creation with all the main characters in the most famous garden on Earth);
  • Angels vs Demons (developed by Thunderspin, with 5 reels and 20 paylines);
  • Bible Slots App (a free Android app full of Bible games).


Santa getting naughty

Probability Gaming is responsible for hilarious (or is it terrifying?) crossover between two far-away universes. The Kids’ best friend during the Holiday season, aka Santa, will suddenly find himself inside a dusky, 21+ appropriate only setting of an erotic drama ‘50 shades of Grey’.

‘40 Shades of Santa’ is a mobile slot that offers all kinds of fun to gamblers who are ready for something spicy. If you have thought that this is a one-of-a-kind game, and nothing close to it exists in the world… ‘Naughty Santa’ by Habanero – another slot whose name speaks for itself – will prove you wrong.

The sickest hot topic of 2020-2022

We don’t know about you, guys, but at the time of the pandemic, the thing that made us guffaw was the ‘Cyrus the Virus’ slot.

Even though Yggdrasil Gaming had created the game long before our planet got on the global quarantine – in 2015, the slot’s colorful images and clear-cut graphics can make a couple of Covid days lighter.

Enjoy the 5 reels full of friendly germs, 10 paylines, and an RTP (Return to Player Percentage) of 96.3%.

And of course, wash your hands properly, stay healthy and have fun, no matter what.

Gaming is beyond politics

A battle to a diplomatic death: ‘Trump vs Hillary’ mobile slot. The controversy of the theme would have been nothing special without those excellent graphics, fun gameplay, and Trump’s, Melania’s, and Hillary’s expressive faces.

On top of all that, the game is available for free download and works perfectly well on all Android devices in offline mode. This unique slot was brought to the world by Super Lucky Casino. Kudos to their humor and creativity! Kudos, indeed.

Meet the universe most outgoing, aliens

Aliens make all the humans here, on Earth, wonder…

We ask ourselves so many questions about the possibility of meeting an extraterrestrial creature. What color is it going to be? Do they walk on two legs? Do they crawl? Are they coming to kick our asses or make friends?..

One of the most reputable game developers, Microgaming, asked a slightly different alien-related question.

“What if aliens were strip dancers?” – they wondered.

And now we can see exactly what Microgaming believes would happen in that case. They incorporated all their theories in a fun 5-reel video slot with 15 paylines, called ‘Sneak a Peek: Planet Exotica’.

By the way, Sneak a Peek is a whole series of stories embodying horny human phantasies. We are not suggesting anything, just informing (*wink-wink*).