The White House claims videos of Biden ‘freezing’ or walking away are ‘deceptively edited’: Watch the unedited clips and decide for yourself

The White House has claimed that a series of videos showing Joe Biden ‘freezing’ or walking away were deceptively edited ‘cheap fakes’.

On Monday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the claim after the videos were widely viewed on social media and news websites.

Republicans have responded that the videos were not edited and the White House is wrong.

Recent viral videos include moments from Biden’s trip to Normandy for the D-Day anniversary, a G7 summit in Italy, and a fundraising event with Barack Obama. 

Jean-Pierre said: ‘Ironically, several cheap fakes actually attack the president for thanking troops, that is what they are attacking the president for.

‘Both in Normandy this happened and again in Italy. I think it tells you everything that we need to know about how desperate Republicans are here.

‘And instead of talking about the president’s performance in office, and what I mean by that is his legislative wins, what he’s been able to do for the American people across the country, we’re seeing these deep fakes, these manipulated videos. And it is, again, done in bad faith.’

Here are the videos in full so readers can watch and make up their own minds.

One shows Biden on stage with Obama at a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Another shows him during a Juneteenth event at the White House.

Another unedited shows him with world leaders at the G7.