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Things to consider when purchasing used CNC machines

You must consider several things before buying used CNC machines. The factors considered will change depending on the CNC machine type like CNC mill, CNC lathe, CNC horizontal machine. The used CNC machine will reduce the monthly and initial investment cost at the same time it will also increase the profit and productivity of the shop floor. If you find any used CNC machines for sale, you should know that it can save a lot of money and it is totally worth to invest in a used CNC machine. Approximately you can save more than a thousand dollars. In the saved money you can purchase another machine or add extra functionality to the existing machine. It will help you to improve the business. In this article let us discuss some of the factors to be considered while selecting used CNC machines.

  • Flexible budget:

Remain flexible in your budget. If you get more value machines for little extra money then try to purchase that machine without sticking to your budget. For example, if the cost of a 4 axis CNC lathe machine is slightly more than the budget it is better to buy that machine because the capabilities of the machine can broaden which helps you to increase the profit. Sometimes the CNC lathe machine with the attached bar loader will cost extra money but if you think in the long run this feature will be very beneficial. When buying a used CNC machine give importance to value rather than price.

  • Inspect the machine thoroughly:

Inspect the CNC machine thoroughly if you are not aware of the parts then hire a technician to inspect the CNC machine. Check the machine in the seller’s place itself so that you can confirm the warranty support and the working condition of the machine. After inspecting if you find the machine has some problem then you can easily return the machine and ask for a refund. After checking all the item inspect the machine in the working condition also.

  • Open mind:

While purchasing a used CNC machine, there is no need to fix a particular brandor type. Instead,keep the mind open to finding the best brand and type for your needs. In some companies, there will be a team for purchasing the machine and in some small companies, the owner directly purchases the machine. If you already have a horizontal machine then try to purchase a vertical machine. It will increase the capabilities of the shop floor.

  • Finance:

When you are buying a used CNC machine try financing. Instead of investing in the machine you can use that money in buying material and improving the work area. Saving money will be more if you go with financing.

Advantages of buying a used CNC machine:

  • Value

The value of the machine is one of the important factors. It is better if you buy a used machine at half the rate of the new machine. The used CNC machine has the best value when compared with the new CNC machine.

  • Availability

Shop floor owners will start their search only when they need the machine immediately. Instead of searching for a new machine for a long time you can purchase a used machine with the best quality. Used CNC machine needs only 10 days for installation. After installation, you can immediately start the production work. But ensure that you are buying a quality machine from a trusted supplier.

  • Performance

When you are purchasing a used machine you can invest money in buying different features like automation, tool changer and tooling to improve the capability and the production level. Investing in this additional feature will improve the performance of the machine. Explore the options available and find the best supplier to buy a quality used CNC machine.

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