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Things to Keep In Mind to Build Positive Online Reputation

These days, having an online presence is one of the major focuses among the various brands and businesses out there. Whatever a business will do online or how they will do with their customers will have an impact on your reputation online.

You may have no idea that Google is secretly working in the background and compiling every bit of information about what others have to say about your business and ranking them.

From reviews online on websites such as the trip advisor and yelp, any blog posts, and anything posted on your social media pages, everything will be counted.

Though it is possible to control some of the things such as blog posts that you made on your website or guest post content regarding your business overall it is impossible to control everything regarding how Google is going to judge you.

If your goal is to maintain a positive online reputation of your business then you will need to consider several points because a positive online reputation cannot be constructed overnight.

This required thorough effort which will result after some time. If you can dedicate time to improve your reputation then you should expect some good results. You should start by sticking to the strategy to maintain your online reputation but there is more to talk about.

Stay Transparent

A business cannot show its weakness but what they don’t know is the fact there can be some hidden mistakes or weaknesses that may be causing bad reviews. It is possible that a business cannot ship the products as fast as a customer may expect or maybe the return policy of the business may not allow a refund but customers may not have read it in the agreement.

Whatever the case is, this may cause concern to the businesses that people may not buy from them next time if they didn’t work on their weaknesses.

This may affect the low sales in the result as well but in the worst-case scenario, the customers will not return and will post bad reviews about the business that even at a lower rate, will affect business reputation in long run. What has worked better, in this case, is the transparency policy.

As businesses will always want positive reviews and when they get them too frequent or most of the time then it will hide their weaknesses. However, businesses still need to take care of them and overcome those weaknesses.

So, if you are a small business then you will need to explain regarding any bad experience that your customer had to face such as a single mother can have her issue or maybe holiday season where demand is higher than a small business find it hard to fulfill in this way it is possible to excuse the delay honestly.

In this way, when the delivery will complete on time than not the only customer will be surprised but the variation of reviews will show that this is a legit business that is clear about its policy and methodology.

Responding to the bad reviews honestly by the businesses will not only clear its position but will yield customers that are loyal and will help in spreading positive words.

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Keep an Eye on Your Search Results

Not every business will understand the importance of this but keeping an eye on the search results is a big deal for businesses out there. Any business needs to watch carefully on whatever is being said about them online.

And don’t worry, no one is asking you to do that by searching yourself online because several tools will help you to find everything regarding this.

It is easier for you to improve the understanding of your customers, including how it can help create a positive image of your brand. This will provide a better opportunity to eliminate any chance of crisis or end the controversy before it starts and get out of control in a matter of days.

You can sign up for Google alerts if you are a startup or if you want to then you can simply opt for third-party utilities that will notify you about your brand.

You don’t have to do much as you will just have to choose the related keywords and choose the region of yours and you are done. You will start to receive an email that will help you to keep updated about the keyword.

However, if you want further functionality and insight about your keywords, you can use paid tools such as Ahrefs or SEMRush.

Every Review should be responded

Customers often post reviews on the business where they notice that how businesses are responding to the reviews from other customers. One of the best ways to start building a reputation is that thank your reviewers regarding how they have reviewed and rated your business.

This is because it shows that how businesses care about the customers and how they communicate with customers and it isn’t an attempt of damage control when you will respond to the negative reviews.

If there are smart customers then they can spot the engagement in the reviews with the customers from a distance and they will always find it great to interact with such business.

Don’t Fight With Them

If you have noticed that the reviewers have been criticizing your business wrongfully then you shouldn’t start arguing with the reviewers. After all, this is your business then you will not want it to make look bad.

However, if you lash out at the critics then your response will backfire and will make your company look bad, take nestle response for example when people criticized them for not being environmentally friendly.

What you should do is to always respond to your critics positively and thank the person for sharing such feedback and reviews and you can add.

  • Post an explanation of how they can avoid the situation
  • Offer them a discount on their next order
  • Offer them a refund
  • A phone call from you to get to the bottom of the situation, answer their questions, and apologize

The way you will respond to the bad reviews will be seen by other customers as well and if you have been handling the reviews badly or unprofessionally then you are about to lose a huge number of potential customers.

When you will be engaged with the reviewers and dealing with them just like a professional will change customers’ perception of your business. You will be surprised that how a short and polite response in return can change the situation and even change a customer’s mind.

If you think you can resolve the customer’s issue then you can contact them personally and talk to them privately. Once the issue has been resolved, ask them politely to reconsider their review as there is a huge probability that they may even publically apologize which is even better for your business.

Take Advantage of Brand Loyalist

When you notice a customer who is posting positive reviews about your product and services on social media then you should have in mind that they are your brand evangelists as they will always support your idea and whatever your idea and whatever you have been doing and they will stand for it.

You should develop a good relationship with them and build a community with such brand loyalists. Engage with them and provide them extra information about your next product or any event and also provide them coupons. The more they will love your company the more they will like to spread about your company.

Get As Many Reviews as Possible

What else matters a lot is that when a business has a huge number of reviews under their belt will show the credibility of the business and they can even be largely helpful in promoting the idea of business being credible.

Not only just that, but it can also help earn trust from other potential clients and customers and improve conversion rates. Also, there can be negative reviews over time but they will just become the part of your business where there are already hundreds or maybe thousands of positive customer reviews from a satisfied customer.

Don’t Pay For Something That Can Be Free

When you are managing your basic business profile through service then the basic package should be free. If a service is asking you to pay a certain fee to remove or add a review then you should avoid such service.

Not just that, if they are forcing you to have a certain number of reviews first to earn some stars and have a better ranking or pay them for this purpose then it is better to ignore such service at all cost.

Online reputation isn’t hard if a business keeps an eye on its online activities and where and how they are being mentioned, just make sure that you are about to be as professional and polite while managing the reviews as you can so future clients and customers won’t be hesitant contacting you.