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Things to Know Before Buying SMS Gateway

An SMS gateway is a website that allows business enterprises or other agencies to send messages in bulk from a website or a web application to a mobile phone number located anywhere in the world.

It is a way to solve the telecommunication protocol issues that crop up when sending SMS messages to several users. An SMS gateway is a simple, effective, and an easy way to communicate with users spread all over the globe. If you are wondering how this will help business enterprises, read on.

Businesses need to contact customers at least once in a while to make sure they do not forget about the brand. They need to constantly find new markets to expand their target audience and get more customers and sales. They also need to send information about order bookings and deliveries, etc. An effective way to do so would be to buy SMS gateway services from one of the providers existing in the industry.

There are many commercial software products available for the purpose along with open source SMS gateway software that can easily be downloaded online. The task of this gateway is to play the role of a relay, translating one protocol to another.

The service providers will offer the enterprises a wide range of sample applications, guides, tutorials, and also provide round the clock technical support to ensure that there are no glitches in sending the messages to users. A database is connected to the interface to send messages. The database will contain the list of mobile phone numbers of the customers and the target audience.

Here are a few advantages of using an SMS gateway to send messages.

  • Send text messages to customers, clients, employees, users, etc. in bulk.
  • Use a single REST API to integrate with the platform.
  • Create an account and start sending messages in few minutes.
  • No timeframe, no limit on the number of messages. Send as many as messages as wanted.

The service providers offer the following services when enterprises Whatsapp Business Pricing and use their platform for the purpose.

  • Send and receive messages from various parts of the world.
  • Keep the data safe using secure HTTP connection. The data will be encrypted and two-factor authentication will enable data security and safety.
  • Send long SMS and attach a link to a website or a web page in it.
  • Use Short code SMS to customize the sender ID. Use the name of the business as the ID.
  • Allow two-way communication. Let users send replies to the SMS they receive.
  • Use templates to send messages. Customize the variables such as name and order details.
  • Send messages in more than one language. Many regional languages apart from English are supported by the platform.
  • Send bulk SMS up to 10,000 or more in a single click.
  • Schedule messages for different timings and days in advance. The messages will be sent accordingly.
  • Get delivery reports to track the messages sent and delivered to users.
  • Set the time deemed appropriate for resending/ retrying a failed message.
  • Get daily reports of messages sent and keep an updated record of the process.
  • Access the list the numbers to which messages fail regularly and follow through with customers to update the database with the latest numbers.
  • Link the gateway to the backend system to send transactional messages to customers.
  • Always keep the customers updated about the latest information and deals related to the brand.
  • Send customized messages based on the users’ product history.
  • Group users into categories based on their choices and send them messages in bulk.
  • Allow media conversion from email and other formats.
  • Send messages from email to mobile phone numbers.

Every business enterprise, agency, organization, can opt for it. Irrespective of the size and volume of the business, the SMS gateway services provided by Gupshup has numerous advantages to offer. With each passing day, more and more businesses are choosing this service as it is enabling them to streamline their customer database and improve interaction with users. This is bringing the businesses closer to customers and vice-versa.

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