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Things to Look for In Your Next Vacation Rental

If you are looking for an all-year-round getaway, Big Bear is the perfect place because it is a scenic spot with vast panoramic vistas. The Big Bear allows you to enjoy 600,000 acres of National Forest. This means you can enjoy hiking trails, mountain biking paths, and camping grounds. There are many activities to do and events that take place in this four-season tourist hot spot.

During summer, you can kayak, swim and fish in the lake. In the wintertime, you can take advantage of two top-rated ski resorts. You can practice your snowboarding and skiing tricks. With cheap big bear cabins, you are bound to find accommodation that will suit your budget and needs. Whether you are honeymooners looking for luxury villas near the lake or a family of six with one fur baby, you will be able to find a rental with the amenities, location, and pricing you desire. Here are the tips to help you find a good vacation rental.

Assess Your Situation

To get the rental you need, you have to assess your situation and know what you want and need. If you plan just to lounge around, then a hidden treasure away from town is a good idea. If there are pets in your group, you have to find rentals that accommodate them. With children, you also have to factor in baby proofing, along with the availability of cots and cribs. If you know your preferences, you can find an excellent rental in advance. Be sure to coordinate ahead with your vacation buddies so you can find a great deal.

Time It Right

When it comes to getting cheap Big Bear rentals, you will be able to get better rates when you book in advance. If you can, plan a year ahead. Don’t cut it too close because that jacks up the price. Big Bear is a popular destination, so the market demand is higher than the supply. If you go in a peak season, the chances of finding a place at the last minute are slim. If you want a significant price reduction, your best bet is advanced reservations.

Be Flexible with Dates

If you go on a long weekend or popular holidays, chances are the prices are higher. Flexibility with your travel dates means you can scope out better deals. Most online booking sites will show you fare charts so you can track the rates over a specific time frame. Just make sure you do this in incognito mode, so the cookies don’t save your settings. When sites notice you keep on coming back, they tend to increase the price. Private browsing will help you keep an eye on rates and dates without inflating the price.

Familiarize the Jargon

If you are looking around for rentals, know the rental jargon and terminology. There is a difference between lakefront, oceanfront, and beachfront. In Big Bear, you want a lakefront. On top of that, there is a difference between “direct ski access” and “ski-in/out”. The former means you need to take a shuttle to hit the slopes while the latter literally means you can ski directly to the door. For best results, view the images provided online and ask for more pictures.

Final Word

The goal of finding a vacation rental is to find relaxing accommodation with a great price tag. Of course, you want to save a lot on your rental so you’ll have more pocket money. However, don’t be too stingy, either. Do read the fine print so you don’t pay too much for space and amenities that you can’t use. Above all else, pick a place in the Big Bear where you and your loved ones can stay safe and secure. Read reviews and contact the property manager to ask questions. Now, go on and enjoy your vacation.


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