Things you can follow to make your mattress last longer

The quality of your mattress not only depends on the materials and technologies used while making it but it also depends on the way you use it. Some people tend to take complete care of their mattresses whereas some people use it roughly. Individuals who look after the condition of their mattress are in a way looking after their own health as a finely tuned and dusted mattress will eventually make them sleep better and it will reflect on their health as well.

These are the things which you can follow in order to make your mattress last longer:

Ensure proper support

In order for a mattress to last longer, it must be placed on firm support. Mattresses like NectarSleep which are kept on loose supporting frames and wooden platforms tend to lose their shape and form over the years.

Use mattress protectors

Mattress protectors or mattress covers should be used right from the start. NectarSleep Mattress protectors which are moisture proof and durable assist you in maintaining the condition of your mattress for a long time. They also protect your mattress from bacteria, allergens and other impurities that might affect its quality on coming in direct contact with the mattress.

Wash them regularly

Washing the linens of your mattress is important even when you are using a mattress cover or protector. Mostly, people tend to eat, play and have fun on their bed which might seep in even if the protectors are washed and rinsed regularly. By now, you should have understood how to clean a white rug efficiently.

Bed sheets and quilts should also be regularly washed in order to maintain the hygiene of a mattress. Also, do not allow your pets to wander on your beds for too long as it tends to reduce the quality and hygiene of your mattress.

Keep rotating

Once the smart move is rotating the mattress on a regular basis which also ensures that it is being used from all the sides. A norm is to rotate it by 180 degrees after every couple of months. This practice is good since it keeps the mattress even and ensures that it lasts a little longer than expected.

Do not play & jump on mattress

If you think that beds are meant to be jumped and played on then you are wrong. You might feel happy while doing that but it also deteriorates the conditioning and structural framework of your bed which will make you unhappy in the long run.

Jumping on the bed also affects the springs, torsions, and coils of a mattress and it eventually it gives up early. If you’re putting  your mattress on a metal bed frame, then you should maintain adequate spacing between slats for maintaining of

Keep away from insects

Keep your mattresses away from bugs and other insects as they can spoil your mattress within a weak. Inspect your bed and mattress regularly and dust and wash them on a frequent basis to curb the insects and bugs.

These were a few easy ways that you can follow if you wish to maintain your mattress for a long time. Above all, spend some quality time with your partner. Learn about what is spooning with your better half and how you can implement it to change your lives.

Also, do not forget to expose the mattress to sunlight occasionally as it kills all bacteria or harmful pests without any efforts.