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Things you should do in one day tour to Halifax

When you have vacation you must go and explore the beauty of Halifax. For Halifax tours, you must have a proper planning and initial knowledge about the host country. Emergency plans do not allow much packing and planning. So, start collecting information once the initial plan comes to your mind and you start counting or knowing about the place you are going. When you go on halifax tours here are some things you should do.

# 1: Walk along the waterfront in downtown Halifax

Best way to start your journey to Halifax is to stroll along the four-kilometer harborwalk, which winds up with colorful waterfalls. Let’s start with the historical features, where three black-ware warehouses and Victorian-era buildings of the 1700s were beautifully restored. Not only do the facades make a great backdrop, but there are also some of the city’s most popular dining areas, including the Lower Deck, Namkeen, Gahan House, and COWS Creamery.

# 2: Book Alexander Keith’s Brewery Tour

Who doesn’t love a little history with their beer? Apparently, so many, so visiting Alexander Keith brewery is one of the funniest things in Halifax.

Established in 1820 by Alexander Keith, who served three terms as mayor of the city, the brewery is located off the waterfront in the downtown street. Although the product has since moved to a larger venue, artists in period costumes take guests around the historic property, explain the history of the company, explain the brewing process and, of course, hand out many beers! In true East Coast fashion, there is also musical entertainment and stories.

# 3: Eat at Donaire King

One of the favorite Halifax King of Donor locations for the late, great Anthony Bourdain, should be one of your first stops to drop in one of their famous festivals in Halifax City.

The chain has been serving its meat wraps since 1973, and the combination of tomatoes, onions, meat, and the special sauce has made the region legendary.

# 4: Enjoy the view from the Citadel

Getting the best view usually means the title – and in Halifax, the mountain is iconic. Built in 1749 to protect the city, the star-shaped fort overlooks the harbor. It is mostly responsible for the establishment of Halifax, as the British army is now known as Citadel Hill. Has been prepared for.

Parks Canada currently operates a popular site, offering guided tours detailing what life was like in the castle in the early days. There are also fun signature experiences, such as a daily firearm and a regular soldier, where you can prepare uniform, practice drill drills, and even shoot an antique rifle. Huh.

# 5: Discover Canada’s origins at Pier 21

If you are less patriotic, you might want to take the time to visit the Canadian Immigration Museum at Pier 21, which is considered one of the best things to do in Halifax. The National Historic Site on the Waterfront was the first entry for many immigrants to Canada between 1928 and 1971. It has been converted into a museum with beautiful exhibits that extend the experience of those who have traveled to Canada. The commentary shows how immigration shaped Canada today, and the opportunity for visitors to map their own family tree.