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This Is How You Can Make Money Playing Video Games

Many people start gaming with a dream of pursuing it as a full-time earning resource but give up in a few months or a year due to the work aspect of the games. Pursuing what you love can surely be a great way to spend your life, but this is only true if you follow the right steps and avoid critical mistakes.

Gaming for a living is only recommended for people who are still young and have no financial obligations. That is important because their years of gaming might go unrewarded. If you meet the criteria, then here are some steps for you to follow.

How The Whole Thing Works

Once you develop a certain level of skills in a game, you can start streaming it on a popular streaming platform for the rest of the world to see it. Once you build a large enough audience, it can either be modified through ads or donations (loyal audience). For live streams of games, platforms like Twitch and YouTube are both good options. Some streamers go live on both of these platforms at a time.

Is It Any Difficult

The process of building a large live streaming audience isn’t easy at all. To gain popularity, you might give to work for months, or even years. This is the hardest time when you have almost no audience. This is where most of the gamers end up leaving this career. To make a living by streaming live videos of your gameplay, you’ll have to reach thousands of video views per day. This is the period when you have to keep struggling and hope for that perfect breakthrough to arrive.

There is also a lesser-known fact amongst the small streamers. If you’re trying to make a big audience in a game that already has many professional players, you’ll have to add a unique touch of your personality and humor to make your unique subscriber base. If we take these traits out of the equation, every gameplay is all the same.

Low Barrier To Entry

Fortunately for you, the barrier to entry in the eSports (กีฬาอีสปอร์ต) is low. You can start with just a good enough computer, a decent internet connection, and the right game to play. You can also make live streams of your gameplay easily by using free software available on the relevant app store.

Gaming Journalism Is Also A Way

If you know a lot about different games and watch tournaments regularly, then you can become a gaming journalist. You can either join an existing established site or make your one and monetize it with ads to earn a decent income. As a gaming journalist, your duty will be to provide the readers with articles and reviews of certain games and gaming events, just like in sports articles.

How Difficult Is This

Just like the regular gaming field, gaming journalism also has a tough competition. That’s because many people want to make a living writing about games. But with patience and persistence, you surely can succeed in any field you choose.

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