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This is what 50 looks like

This is what 50 looks like: Mother-of-three says acupuncture, CBD capsules and decluttering keep her youthful

  • Julieanne Steel, 50, from London, is single and runs a decluttering business
  • Mother-of-three has been having acupuncture sessions since her early 20s
  • She takes CBD capsules twice a day to manage symptoms of menopause 

Julieanne Steel lives in London. She is single with three children, 22, 20 and 15, and a one-year-old granddaughter. She runs a decluttering business. 


Every two weeks, I do a one-hour acupuncture session (£60, sarah I’ve been using the same acupuncturist since my early 20s, when I had a horseriding accident that fractured my pelvis and spine. It’s been a stabilising force in my health ever since. Afterwards, I always feel energised and my skin looks clearer. Plus, I rarely get colds!


I’ve always had long hair — and people often tell me how shiny it is. But, I don’t use many products — or any heat, chemicals or dye. I wash it once a week with a natural shampoo and I don’t use a conditioner. If I do need an extra hydration boost, I use a spritz of Aussie Miracle Recharge Moisture Infuser Leave-in Conditioner (£4.99,

Julieanne Steel, 50, (pictured) who lives in London, revealed how she maintains her ageless appearance using acupuncture and retro face soap


I’ve been using the original Pears Soap as a morning face wash (two for £1.20,, for ever. It’s made with natural oils and is not at all drying. If I have to take off make-up at night, I use Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion For Sensitive Skin (£2.26). I finish by using Superdrug Optimum Day Cream (£12.99).


I hit the menopause early, at 44 — and I suffered from bad anxiety, hot flushes, achy joints, loss of libido and low energy. However, I didn’t want to take HRT. So, I went to see a nutritionist (£250 for two sessions, who recommended I take CBD capsules by CannabiGold Smart (£26.90,, twice a day, to calm my mood — which has made a huge difference to my wellbeing.


In 2008, I moved out of London to live in a big farmhouse in Cornwall, but then my husband and I got divorced. As a result, I moved back to a flat in London. I realised I was happier without lots of stuff. This led me to set up a new decluttering business, which I love. I have a 15-minute tidying ritual, called the ‘Daily Steely’! It’s never too late to make a change.



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