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This Is What You Need to Know About CBD Tinctures

Uh-oh! It’s an amygdala hijacking!

Your amygdala is the part of your brain that responds to fear. When anxiety takes over, it hijacks your amygdala, and your body releases stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol.

About 6 million adults are living with some type of panic disorder. Women have it the worst since they’re twice as likely as guys to experience panic attacks. Thankfully, CBD tinctures can help reduce the side effects of panic disorders, helping put you back in the driver seat.

However, if you don’t know what CBD is all about, you might be hesitant to give it a try. If you’re thinking about trying for the first time, this article’s for you. We’ll explain how tinctures make you feel, as well as the best tips for buying quality products.

So take a look! By the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll finally know if CBD is the right choice for you.

What Are CBD Tinctures Exactly?

For starters, it’s helpful to understand exactly what CBD tinctures are. While CBD comes from the same plant family as cannabis, it has a completely different chemical structure. Cannabis plants have hundreds of chemical compounds, and cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of them. Tinctures are made when companies extract cannabidiol using a variety of extraction methods.

CBD Extraction Methods

The cleanest CBD extraction method involves using CO2. Manufacturers can either use liquid CO2 or gas CO2, to separate the plant materials. After extracting the CBD, the C02 is fully separated from the organic compounds, leaving behind a CBD tincture.

Steam distillation is another way to extract cannabidiol, by using a distillation tank. Finally, manufacturers can also use solvent extraction methods. As long as companies fully remove the synthetic solvents, a solvent extraction method is completely safe.

Is CBD 100% Legal?

Are you worried about trying CBD oil because you’re not sure whether or not it’s legal where you live? The good news is that as long as the CBD product you’re using is made from hemp, you don’t have to worry about having any run-ins with the law. According to the FDA, hemp-derived CBD products that contain less than .03% THC are legal on a federal level.

Will a CBD Oil Tincture Make You High?

When a CBD tincture contains trace amounts of THC, such as .03% or less, you won’t have to worry about getting high. Since CBD doesn’t have any psychoactive properties, it won’t impair your ability to focus or go about your day. The only time CBD products will get you high is if they contain large amounts of THC.

For instance, if you live somewhere that medicinal or recreational marijuana is legal, you can buy products that contain enough THC to create a euphoric high. Finally, CBD isn’t habit-forming. You can CBD for weeks, months, or years, and stop suddenly without any negative side effects.

How Will You Feel After Using CBD?

Have you ever had a professional massage before? If so, you know just how relaxing the after-effects can be. Taking CBD is a lot like getting a massage for your body, and mind. Instead of having tight, tense shoulders, they’ll be loose and pain-free.

If you normally have a million thoughts at once, when the CBD kicks in, you’ll notice it’s easier to pick and choose what you want to think about. The best part is that CBD doesn’t make you drowsy, so you can take it in the morning and still feel energetic and ready to take on the day!

Finally, we find that CBD helps you be more present and kind. After all, it’s hard to be your true self when you’re feeling uptight and uncomfortable.

CBD Is More Than a Pain Reliever

Pain and stress relief are a couple of the most commonly talked about tincture benefits. However, there are all sorts of other CBD tinctures uses that people are benefiting from. For instance, some patients are using CBD to help with speech handicaps, such as stuttering.

Stuttering usually involves a combination of anxiety, stress, and muscle spasms. Luckily CBD’s ability to relieve stress, while also relaxing muscles, makes it a great treatment for stuttering issues.

Next, CBD oils can also help with all sorts of skin conditions, such as acne and psoriasis. Over 8 million Americans suffer from psoriasis, which can cause a painful rash all over your body. One of the ways CBD helps is by regulating your body’s immune system response.

Instead of attacking healthy tissues, CBD influences your endocannabinoid receptors, which reduces inflammation, and can help clear up the rash. Lastly, heroin addicts are using CBD to help curb cravings, along with lowering anxiety levels.

Different Types of Tinctures

Moving on, let’s look at the different types of CBD tinctures available on the market. As you begin exploring different CBD oils, you’ll notice the phrases, “full-spectrum”, and “broad spectrum”, being used. Full Spectrum CBD products contain trace amounts of THC, such as .03% or less. Whereas broad spectrum tinctures, don’t contain any THC at all.

Fun Tincture Flavors

When you set out to buy a CBD oil tincture, look for a company like Magical, that offers a variety of flavors. Here are a few of our favorite tincture tastes:

  • Cinnamon
  • Orange
  • Mixed berry
  • Creme de menthe

After finding a flavor you like, the next step is to ensure you’re buying a safe CBD product. To protect your health, and your wallet, you should only buy tinctures that are certified and lab tested. A third party lab test will help you see exactly what’s in your tincture, so you can be sure it’s free of harmful ingredients such as pesticides.

We find that sticking with USA based hemp sources is one of the best options for buying CBD products. Next, if you’re on a plant-based diet, check the product label to see if it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

How to Properly Store Tinctures

After you find a safe CBD source, the next step is to properly store your tinctures. Research shows that light and air exposure can cause cannabinoids to begin to break down.

To preserve your tinctures, you’ll want to store them in a dark, cool area. For instance, you could keep your CBD oils in a cellar, basement, or even in your fridge!

If you’re buying a bulk supply of CBD oils, you can even freeze some of them to keep them fresh. Next, only open the CBD bottle when you’re about to take a dose, and close it immediately after. Keep in mind that even when you properly store your tinctures, they’ll still go out of date eventually.

If you notice the taste or consistency of your CBD oils has changed, it’s time to buy new ones. You shouldn’t worry too much about your CBD oils going bad though, since you’ll likely use it up before it can expire.

Choosing the Best Consumption Method for You

Moving on, let’s look at the different ways to take a CBD tincture. For starters, you can choose to take your tincture sublingually, which means under your tongue.

As long as you’re using a tasty tincture, sublingual applications can be fun and effective. Simply place your desired dose under your tongue and let it sit for 3 minutes.

The effect from sublingual applications can kick in anywhere from 15-30 minutes after taking your dose. However, the CBD effects of sublingual applications won’t last as long as if you take your CBD orally. Typically, taking CBD sublingually means you’ll feel the effects for about 2-4 hours.

For oral consumption, you can either swallow your CBD dose or add it to your food or drink. For example, you could add your desired dose to your daily cup of coffee.

After you orally consume CBD, you’ll have to wait about 60-90 minutes to start feeling the effects. However, the effects will be long-lasting, helping you benefit from the tincture from 4-6 hours or more.

How Much Should You Take?

Since you’re new to the world of CBD, you don’t know how much you’ll need to get the perfect experience. While it’s impossible to have a fatal CBD overdose, taking too much can cause unpleasant side effects, such as fatigue.

To avoid taking too much, you’ll want to start with a low potency product and only take the recommended amount. After seeing how your body reacts, you can decide to increase, or decrease your dose.

Center Yourself With CBD

Understanding the ins and outs of CBD tinctures means you can finally have the confidence to give them a try. Whether you’re looking to relieve pain, stress, or improve your mood, there are so many benefits CBD has to offer.

Remember to choose a tasty tincture, and make sure the product comes from a reliable supplier. Lastly, always store your CBD products the right way so you can enjoy them every day! For more ways to feel incredible, read another one of our articles.


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