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Three quarters of schools wear blazers instead of jumpers

Soaring numbers of schools are switching to smarter blazers and ties and dropping the casual sweatshirt and sweater look, according to a new report today.

For the latest research shows that three in four of the 3800 secondary schools in the UK now adopt a blazer as part of the uniform along with four in five of the 2100 academies.

Department of Education data backs up the trend revealed by schoolwear supplier Trutex and report an upsurge of 40per cent in past ten years in the number of schools requiring pupils to dress in a more formal manner.

Figures show virtually all secondary schools – 99per cent – demand a uniform along with a school logo and 80per cent of primary schools have a standard dress code.

Three in four UK schools are now opting for blazers instead of more casual sweatshirts. File image used 

While blazers, shirts and ties are increasingly popular, changing fashions has meant the wearing of hats is on the decline with fewer than 10 per cent of schools insisting on a hat today.

Short trousers are becoming less popular at primary level with more than three in five schools preferring long trousers and the pinafore dress is falling out of favour. 

Fewer than one in five schools require girls to have pinafore dresses and these are mainly found at primary level.

One third of parents said their child’s uniform had changed during the time they had been at primary or secondary school. 

Half of them said the change had been minor while the other 50per cent said they had needed to purchase several items of new clothing because of major changes to the school’s look.

The study carried out for schoolwear supplier Trutex reveals ties are worn at 85per cent of academies. 

Ties are also becoming more popular at junior level with 20 per cent of primary schools requiring pupils to have branded neckwear. PE kit is required in almost every school.

The rise has been the result of new style academy schools preferring blazers as they 'instill a sense of pride'. File image used 

The rise has been the result of new style academy schools preferring blazers as they ‘instill a sense of pride’. File image used 

Over three in four parents said they recognised the value of having a school uniform and thought them good value for money, the study found.

The growth of schools having a smart blazer, shirt and tie comes as head teachers look to use a standard uniform as a way of instilling pride in their school. 

Education research shows that results improve with a strictly enforced uniform policy. 

Several schools around the country also report that pupils had requested changes in their dress.

Matthew Easter, managing director of Trutex said: ‘There has definitely been an increase in recent years for schools to adopt a more formal look, especially among new style academies who want to stand out and reinforce their identity and that can mean having students looking smart and well disciplined.

Educational research has shown that results improve when a strict dress code is introduced

Educational research has shown that results improve when a strict dress code is introduced

‘A few years ago we were seeing a lot more polo shirts and sweatshirts but that had definitely changed. 

‘Having a dress code acts as a social leveller and makes it easier for children to integrate with each other. It also improves the image of the school outside the school gate.’

Research for Trutex also shows that wearing a school uniform helps reduce bullying and contributes to a more focused and happier classroom.

Trutex is one of the oldest manufacturers of school uniforms in the UK. Based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, it has been able to chart the changing trends in school uniforms since it began weaving fabrics over 150 years ago.