TikTok AgeGap 50 couple James Ellingford and Brightnye Quail split as Cresco Pharma pot dumps him

A ‘sugar daddy’ whose tumultuous TikTok-documented relationship with an Only Fans star 35 years his junior has been dumped as the chair of a medicinal pot company.

Creso Pharma, which controls a number of overseas cannabis businesses from Australia, on Thursday announced that Dr James Ellingford would stand down immediately from his role as non-executive chairman.

Dr Ellingford, 58, is better known to TikTok watchers as the partner of Brightnye Quale, 23, with the couple regularly sharing their antics in videos posted on the @agegap50 and @agegap35 channels, with some posts fetching more than 1.5million views.

Dr James Ellingford (pictured left) has gained TikTok fame for documenting his relationship with Brightnye Quale, who is 35 years his junior

In one video, which had the hashtags sugarcash and sugardaddy, Ms Quale danced seductively while Dr Ellingford showered her with $100 and $50 notes.

Other videos show Dr Ellingford discussing the age gap between the pair.

‘Sure the age gap is massive but as I always say love is love,’ he says.

In another video, the pair discuss how Dr Ellingford’s adult four daughters feel about Ms Quale.

‘Two of them are OK, ones is sitting on the fence and the other one would like to murder you with a pitchfork,’ Dr Ellingford says.

‘Which isn’t very nice. You don’t deserve to be murdered with a pitchfork babe.’ 

Dr Ellingworth and Ms Quale appear to be split with the catalyst being the visit of Ms Quale's mother for a week

Dr Ellingworth and Ms Quale appear to be split with the catalyst being the visit of Ms Quale’s mother for a week

However, the pair also post some of their less agreeable moments, with bitter arguments breaking out – normally over how much of Dr Ellingford’s money Ms Quale was spending.

‘You spent $5,000 on my credit card yesterday when you promised you would only spend $1,600,’ Dr Ellingford lectures Ms Quale in one video.

After a tearful Ms Quale promises to return a $3,100 bag to the shop, the argument moves on to whether her mother said thank you for a $1,600 gift given to her by Dr Ellingford.

‘Maybe you are suffering from a little dementia,’ Ms Quale suggests at one point. 

Ms Quale asked Dr Ellingworth and was given permission to start her own Only Fans subscriber accessed account

Ms Quale asked Dr Ellingworth and was given permission to start her own Only Fans subscriber accessed account 

In another video, which announces the death of the relationship, Dr Ellingford does not hold back on his opinions about Ms Quale’s mother calling her  ‘filth, scum, less than human’.

Dr Ellingford told the Australian Financial Review on Thursday that the videos were not a distraction from his role at Creso Pharma.

‘These videos were meant to be private and as such, I am horrified by their release,’ he said. 

‘My partner and I are very much together and clearly I need to learn how to use some apps properly before using them.’

The AFR reported the couple met in a casino after Dr Ellingford was intrigued by Ms Quale ordering eight sandwiches. 

Although Creso Pharma did not give a reason for Dr Ellingford’s sudden departure some of the videos posted on TikTok might be considered a problem for the company’s image.

In one video, Dr Ellingford insisted ‘F**k off we don’t like Chinese people’.

He then proceeded to do an impersonation of someone speaking Mandarin.

In announcing his departure from the company, Creso Pharma said it ‘would like to thank Dr Ellingford for his service’.

The company boasts it is ‘a global medicinal cannabis innovator’ that develops cannabis and hemp-derived ‘therapeutic, nutraceutical and lifestyle products for both people and animals’.

Its share price was trading at 2 cents on Monday morning. 

Dr Ellingford has been sought for comment.

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