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TikTok shows the disturbing moment a man refuses to leave group of women alone at a Perth restaurant

Cringeworthy moment a young man won’t leave a group of women alone despite being told to go ’10 times’ – before a restaurant worker takes matters into his own hands

  • A TikTok captures the creepy moment a man won’t leave group of women alone 
  • Group of women were eating at a restaurant in Perth before being approached 
  • The man refused to leave the group alone despite asking him multiple times 
  • A restaurant worker eventually intervened to remove the man from the group 

Cringeworthy footage has emerged of a man refusing to leave a group of women alone during a night out, despite being asked to leave the alone multiple times. 

The creepy encounter was uploaded to TikTok by Janeright on Friday, showing the women repeatedly ask the man to leave them alone as they ate outside a kebab shop in Perth.  

‘You ask us why we are afraid of men? This is why…’ the TikTok user captioned the footage.

In the video a blonde woman tells the man to leave them alone saying, ‘we said hello, we don’t want to talk’.

The man appears to leave before he shortly returns to the group unable to take no for an answer. 

‘We’re at girls’ night bro, we don’t want to be f***ing harassed by guys,’ she says, as she points for him to leave. 

‘We don’t need to interact with you if we don’t want to.’ 

A restaurant worker was eventually forced to intervene to remove the man from the women 

The man, who was kneeling next to their table, was slurring his words as he talked over the top of the blonde woman  before a frustrated restaurant worker intervened. 

‘Get up… respect the ladies get up and move,’ he says. 

After a short argument the man eventually retreated to the inside of the restaurant with the women thanking the restaurant worker for getting rid of him. 

TikTok users praised the restaurant staffer for interjecting but also pointed out a woman’s ‘no’ should have been enough. 

‘That man in the blue hat was very nice to intervene and help, but it’s so sad that some men will only listen to other men,’ one person wrote. 

‘It’s so frustrating that it takes another man for the other guy to listen. This has happened to me and I’m sure it has happened to so many other girls,’ commented another.

‘The frustrating thing is we’re constantly told to say no and to assert ourselves, then when we finally do they don’t listen,’ added a third. 

Disturbing footage has emerged on TikTok of a man refusing to leave a group of women alone during a girls night out in Perth