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Tips For Feeding Your Baby to Prevent Infant Gas

There is good news about infant gas. If you are careful about little things that seem insignificant, you can avoid it. Another thing about infant gas is that the child may feel discomfort with it but some tricks can put things in control.

For instance, investing in the best baby bottles for gas and colic may seem insignificant. But it is one of the things a parent shouldn’t ignore. If you look at some of the causes of this issue is when the type of latch on the bottle makes the baby take in more air than necessary.

Before you start feeding your baby, read the tips in this article and do not forget them.

Tip one: Burping the Baby After Feeding

Pediatricians suggest that parents should support the head of the baby using the cradle of the hand, and when the child is sitting, you should burp your baby. This burping can be done in a look-alike position such as when the baby is over your shoulder and upright. Wait and have enough patience before your burp the baby because the gas bubbles can take some time before they come out. if the wait seems long, you can lay the baby on her back, allowing the bubbles to re-settle. Then lift her up again and attempt burping again. Let it go if she doesn’t show signs of burping.

Tip 2: Burp the Baby When You are Feeding

Kids can swallow too much air during feeding so it is wise to burp her in the middle of feeding her. Give her a little break between the periods of feeding so as to allow her burp.

Tip 3: Try Feeding The Baby At an Angle

This will be easy if you have invested in a good Best baby bottles for gas and colic. Whenever you are feeding your baby with a bottle, you should try to hold her in a vertical position or even an inclined position. This doesn’t mean her back should be supine. Adjust the end of the bottle a bit to ensure that air rises towards the tip. This will then make the milk encloses the nipple completely. If you want things to be supper easier in this step, you could buy an inclined baby bottle which will naturally allow venting of air from the back.

Tip 4: Perform Tummy Time

You may have heard about tummy time as a kind of exercise for the neck and core of your baby. But it isn’t just about that. The little pressure she exerts on her belly when she is lying may allow her burp and get rid of the trapped gas. Before you try tummy time, give your child 30 minutes so that the food in her belly will settle. If you wish, you try an advanced approach. Lay your baby on an exercise ball or beach and slowly rotate her on this ball in a circular motion.

Tip 5: On the Baby’s Belly, You Can Try an Infant Massage

This will help in relieving the gas pressure in the baby. How do you carry out the massage? Let the baby lie on her back and rub the tummy slowly, going clockwise, after that, pulling your two hands the curves on the baby’s tummy. You can also try the ‘I love you’ message, where you simply move your hands in the shape of ‘I’ ‘L’ and ‘U’ on the child’s tummy. You should repeat the movement many times.

Buy the Best Bottle Which Has a Good Nipple

Buying the best baby bottles for gas and colic is an important step in keeping your child feeding healthy. The nipple of the bottle will be soft and it will contour in the direction of your child’s mouth and lips. When this happens, air will be prevented from entering the milk.

Also, when handling the bottle, you should ensure that the milk flows slowly as it should if you are giving the child time to drink and swallow a small portion at a time. She should not gulp too much at a time.

Also, it is important that the best baby bottles for gas and colic should fit your baby’s age. The designs are usually made with respect to age. To understand if your baby is consuming too fast, consider how fast your child consumes the content of her bottle. Usually, feeding with a bottle shouldn’t take more than 1 hour and not less than 20 minutes. When your baby takes the whole content of her bottle in five minutes, her speed is more than normal. Reduce it. She is likely consuming more air in the process. In fact, the nipple of the bottle may be too big for her age.