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Tips for Getting the Best Personal Injury Settlement

After suffering from a personal injury, it’s necessary to receive the right recovery for your damage. Getting on a trial isn’t always the best solution. People who hire a lawyer can always negotiate with insurance companies and the liable parties’ lawyers to know their intentions.

The Hogle Law Firm in Mesa has defended many clients who had severe injuries and managed to settle with the liable parties.

It would be better to know some of the most efficient tips to get the best personal injury settlement. That’s without coming into a confrontation with the other party and certainly without taking the risk of litigation.

Give and Receive only a Written Settlement Offer

Liable parties always come to the negotiations table with the person being injured. Personal injury claims are easy to prove, especially when they include a physical impairment that anyone could identify through medical examinations. Oral intentions and verbal offers are not the right way to deal with these negotiation plans.

You should require all recovery offers to be sent to you in written form as the injured party. That’s the only way to have an official paper stating that the other party accepts liability for the injury and is ready to pay a certain amount of funds to resolve the case out of the judicial system.

Be Patient

People tend to be impatient when waiting to receive their recovery. One of the best tips to receive the best possible settlement would be to wait and be patient. The liable parties will offer you a lower settlement if they see your eagerness to get paid.

On the other hand, you should never rush your responses and let some days pass after you have received them. Being quick is not an asset for people who perform negotiations for personal injury settlements. Patience pays better in the long run since liable parties may always wonder if you intend to send the case to the court.

Challenge All Settlements With the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster is the right person to give you an insight into the acceptable level of recovery you can settle. If the initial settlement offer is significantly lower than the insurance adjuster’s estimates, then you should typically deny it.

According to what insurance companies have spent before in similar personal injury cases, challenging the settlement offers is the proper behavior to show that you will accept nothing less than the market price for your injuries. It’s also possible to present your case to the insurance adjuster and bring evidence showing you deserve a higher recovery. Insurance companies pay according to certified scales, and you have more chances to succeed in a better settlement than simply accepting the offers you get.

Use The Right Legal Help

The presence of a competent lawyer by your side is always helpful in such cases. Your lawyer has handled the negotiation process for personal injury claims many times in the past. That’s why you can rely on him to show all your damages (both physical and emotional) to the other party. It’s easy for him to estimate the monetary damage and ask for a fair settlement offer from the other party.

Your attorney’s presence in the negotiation process means that you are serious enough and determined to proceed with the case to the court. That creates a higher expectation for a better settlement and always gives you an advantage in rejecting significantly lower offers than what you expected.

Show Your Aggravated Emotional Status

It’s in your best interest to show your aggravated emotional status to the other party. For instance, if you have pictures of your car destroyed, or proof that you cannot offer daycare for your underage children due to the accident, you must present them to the other party.

All these facts conclude your unstable emotional situation and add anxiety to the other party for your injury claims. People who manage to activate the liable party give it an insight into what they feel receives a better offer for settlement.

A personal injury claim may have a long settlement negotiation procedure. Following the above tips makes you more likely to be in the dominant position and oppose false allegations of the other party.

Your lawyer plays a crucial role in preparing your settlement offers and suggests you accept or deny those coming from the other side. Remember that settlement is a multi-step procedure like a game of chess, where you need to know the opponent’s weak points to succeed.