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Tips for Growing Marijuana with Feminized Seeds

If you are interested in growing marijuana with the aim of producing buds for later self-consumption, the use of feminized seeds is the preferred option to achieve the harvest you need.

And how to manage to produce feminized seeds? The most common technique is the use of plants with a hermaphroditic tendency to alter the genome of marijuana.

On the one hand, female plants are selected to carry out their exposure to a situation of hormonal stress for the plants. How? Growing them in unfavorable environmental conditions in which the plant does not find a way to reproduce, such as interrupted light cycles or pruning to encourage it to produce male flowers.

On the other hand, as a survival mechanism, some of the plants subjected to stress will produce pollen sacs to pollinate their own female flowers, thus showing a hermaphroditic tendency. In this case, the pollen in these sacs will be on the X chromosome – and not on the Y chromosome, as would be usual in a male plant – and by pollinating the female flowers it will give rise to feminized cannabis seeds with a chromosome of XX. This makes it possible to guarantee in 99.9% of cases that the plant resulting from the planting of these feminized seeds will be female.

When it comes to marijuana seeds, there is a lot of completely incorrect information on the Internet, and for that reason, before launching to buy some seeds at your own risk, it is best that you contact an online Dutch Seeds Shop, they have marijuana seeds for sale, available with the best quality and where they will give you all the information you need and where you will find the best seeds of very diverse types and accessories. It is important that the seeds you buy are of quality, and by buying them in a trusted Dutch Seeds Shop you can have the peace of mind that they are the best.

The only downside to the whole process is that the resulting feminized marijuana seedscan inherit the hermaphroditic tendency of the plant, thus reducing its effectiveness. For this reason, many growers have opted for the use of various types of silver such as Silver Thiosulfate Solution (STS), which after applying a chemical solution will cause hormonal stress in the plant but will reduce the tendency to become hermaphroditic plants.

Tips to Take into Account for Growing Female Seeds

Prevent the Dryness of the Plant. When growing with feminized marijuana seeds it is very important to prevent our plant from drying out by maintaining good water levels.

Don’t Drown our Cultivation. Although, the irrigation of our crop is essential. We must try to establish the appropriate water levels to avoid overflowing our crops with excessive water.

Use Hydroponic Systems. A good way to maintain good water levels is by using hydroponic systems to water our plants.

Maintain High Humidity. It is essential that the environmental humidity is above 60% to achieve adequate growth and flowering period. Growing marijuana in environments with excess heat will harm the development of our plant. For that reason, we recommend maintaining an average temperature between 20-22 degrees.

Use Appropriate Lighting. If we use a light with a reddish hue, our marijuana plants are more likely to be stressed. For this reason, we recommend using a bluish or white light.

Supply Nitrogen. For the natural growth and development of the plant, it is advisable to provide nutrients by means of nitrogen, controlling supply levels well so as not to commit excesses.

Support Phosphorus and Potassium Levels. In addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium provide beneficial nutrients to our plant during the flowering stage.

Take care of the quality of the land or where you are going to plant it. Do not use cuttings if you do not want to transmit possible diseases to the plant that is going to be born. Use seeds that are feminized to avoid having to identify them. As well, Give them light in abundant quantity.

Likewise, growing marijuana with feminized seeds can give rise to plants of the two main varieties of cannabis sativa and Indica.

If we are looking for a euphoric and energetic effect, we can opt for feminized seeds of the sativa variety such as Amnesia Bilbo, Kali Mist, Sweet tooth or Hawaiian Snow.

On the contrary, if what we want to achieve is a stimulating and relaxing effect, we can opt for feminized seeds of the Indica variety such as Blueberry, Kritikal Bilbo, California HashPlant, or Blue Cheese.