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Tips for Making Your Marriage Proposal Successful

Asking your partner to marry you is probably one of the most important questions you will ask in your entire life. You might feel nervous about her answer and in ensuring the proposal will be something memorable. An engagement ring is an important factor in the proposal. Find the best one that matches her style and fits her perfectly.

Check out locations; they will conveniently show the stores near you so you can look for different options for engagement rings.

Aside from finding an engagement ring, there are other things to consider for the proposal, and here are some of them.

Be sure you are on the same boat

Although you want to get a “yes” as an answer, there is always the risk of not getting the response you expect, and you must be prepared for that. However, if you know that you and your partner are in the same boat when it comes to marriage, there is a higher chance that the proposal will be successful. If you talked about getting married or starting a family, then it means that your partner is probably ready to tie the knot.

Get the permission of family members

Talk to the family, especially the parents of your partner. Ask for her hand in marriage as a sign of respect. Let your family know about your plan too. Whether they agree with it or not, the final decision will still be between you and your partner. However, it’s still a polite thing to let the family of both sides know so they will not feel bypassed. Instead, they will feel that they are part of this big event in your lives.

Think of what she likes

There are different ways that guys propose to their ladies. Some are extravagant, while others are simple. When you plan your proposal, think about what your partner likes, and incorporate them so that she will feel happy and special. For instance, if she loves going to the beach, you may want to it there. Plan and decorate an area along the beach where you will ask her to marry you.

Keep it a secret

The proposal will be a surprise to her that she will cherish for a lifetime. Be careful in keeping it a secret so as not to ruin the element of surprise. When you tell her family and your family about the proposal, ask them to keep it a secret and not to give any hint.

Keep it private

Unless your partner specifically mentioned in one of your conversations that she wants a public proposal, it’s best to keep it private. The moment will feel more special when it’s only the two of you, or with the closest family members. There will also be less pressure and stress on both of you if there is not a huge crowd involved.

Once everything is ready, master the courage, bend down on your knee, and finally ask the big question if she wants to marry you.

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