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Tips for Working from a Shared Office Space

Shared office spaces have become the new trend in recent years. They save startup founders money, increase their efficiency in various ways, and offer tremendous networking benefits. Some of the jewels of the startup world have worked from a shared office space at some point, such as Instagram, which resided at SOMAcentral in San Francisco in the early days.

While there are many reasons for the popularity of shared working spaces, there are important unwritten rules that startup founders should be aware of. In this article, we will take a closer look at coworking etiquette.

Consider Others

There is that frequently used saying that you should “do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” This sentiment certainly applies to a shared office space. People working together in a confined space need to consider one another and should at least attempt to be friendly and accommodating. The coworking space should establish workplace etiquette that is acceptable to everyone, and these rules must be considered by the owner of a new startup business.

When considering shared office space, ask about the office rules. Startup owners and their employees will then have to abide by those rules. When a confined space is shared and the basic rules are ignored, major problems can develop. Therefore, the basic rules must be enforced at all times.

Leave No Personal Traces

Be considerate when using the office and always strive to leave no traces of your presence behind when you leave. It’s important to always clean the area you use, and your goal should be to leave that workspace so that it looks as if no one was ever there. This will require basic cleaning skills, such as wiping surfaces, putting things back where you found them, and taking any other reasonable steps to ensure that people do not have any reason to complain.

Even though your telephone calls may be extremely important to the success of your business, they can never take precedence over the constitutional rights of other people. Use a pleasant tone of voice and sufficient volume to ensure that you are heard by the person with whom you are speaking but not so loud as to disturb others in the office. One of the most basic etiquette rules in a shared workplace is to ensure that the place is as quiet as possible—there is no need for the entire office to hear your conversations or learn about your problems. Taking others into consideration at all times is very important. For example, some people might have hearing disabilities that require them to have absolute silence around them to have a normal conversation.

Provide Your Own Basic Office Supplies

Different conditions may apply in different offices, but it is always a good idea to have your own supplies on hand. Only request office supplies when there is a genuine emergency. If you are forced to ask for office supplies, always remember to return or replace anything that has been loaned to you to show that you are committed to considering other offers users.

Whenever sharing premises, make every attempt to be courteous and friendly all times. Speak to other workers in a friendly and pleasant tone. Always take the time to greet all coworkers and actually listen to what they have to say. When the opportunity arises, be so kind as to open doors for others and thank people who are doing the same for you. These are some simple ways to ensure a pleasant working environment where everyone is motivated and ready to face any challenge.

Ensure Clean, Pleasant Air

Everyone wants to work in an office in which the air is breathable and pleasant. That is why subtle perfumes, air fresheners, and lotions are so important. However, many people suffer from a wide range of allergies and may be extremely sensitive to smells. Ask your coworkers whether they are okay with the scent and level of your perfume, air freshener, lotion, or any other scented products. If not, it may be necessary to make a change.

Wrapping Up

Always attempt to be a role model for other people in the workplace. There may be times when teamwork is very beneficial and it’s okay to share all kinds of things with the people around you. Nevertheless, in a shared office space, it is always better to look after yourself first. When you set this kind of, example other people will soon start to act the same way, thereby reducing the need to provide things for everyone. Under these circumstances, the office will run more efficiently. Startup owners should also consider the tremendous opportunities for networking available to them when they share office space. They will have access to people they never would’ve met under normal circumstances.


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