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Tips on Improving Customer Service in 2020

Customer service is an essential part of doing business. No company succeeds without investing in good customer care and after-sales services. Companies need to veer away from the idea that customer service is unessential. Otherwise, competitors that offer a better customer experience will leave them in the dust.

It’s important to bear in mind that customer service is more than just call centres. Also, customers tend to expect more than the basics. When it comes to IT support, for example, it’s not enough to have staff answering questions to settle simple issues. Customers demand more attention to their problems so that they can be addressed quickly and remotely as much as possible.

The following pointers should help improve customer service with regards to the expected business trends and challenges in the years ahead.

Customer service team empowerment

The people responsible for providing customer service must have everything they need for the job. They need to have adequate training in handling various situations. They also need dependable means to engage customers, preferably covering not only email and instant messaging but also telephone, social media, and even fax (in some cases). Additionally, customer service teams need to be regularly updated with the latest issues and trends in customer care for them to provide the most appropriate responses to emerging challenges.

Being proactive, not reactive

Another way to improve customer service is by taking a proactive stance instead of merely reacting to problems as they emerge. This means that companies need to be mindful of the big picture. As stated earlier, customer service is not just about answering phone calls, emails, or instant messages from complainants. Before a problem develops, it’s better to have nipped it in the bud. It’s advisable to emphasise customer complaints, suggestions, or sentiments when doing market research. It also helps to have occasional market assessments, especially when customer responses to sales and marketing campaigns leave a lot to be desired.

Anticipating potential problems is a part of the task of a customer service team. It is for this reason that customer service specialists always need to be abreast with what is happening in a company. If product defects are found, for example, they need to be among the first to know so they can come up with the best possible solutions to handle the deluge of customer complaints. They may not have a say on major decisions regarding actual problem remediation, but they need to have a good grasp of the problem so they can handle the PR job more effectively.

Community-driven support

Moreover, it helps to create a sense of community among consumers. Customer service is not just about having the most competent, patient, and knowledgeable people answering the telephone and online support lines. Customers can also become part of an efficient customer service system. Companies can help create an orderly manner of dealing with problems by encouraging customers to share their opinions about the products and services they use, report issues promptly, and know the right steps in lodging complaints.