Tips On Planning A Wake

A wake can be described as a funeral reception or a less formal social gathering held after a funeral to celebrate the life of the deceased. This gathering gives the mourners who were at the funeral as well as those who were not able to attend the opportunity to share stories of the deceased and celebrate their life.

Since a wake is considered to be more or less of a reception, you will find that guests are offered food and drink in most events.

Planning a wake during this difficult time can be quite a challenge; however, you can use the tips below as a guide on how to plan a memorable event or speak to an experienced funeral director at Integrity Funerals.


A wake can be public or private. This means that before you even announce such an event, you need to make up your mind on who to invite. If you wish to have a public event, it is recommended that you place a notification right next to the funeral announcement.

On the other hand, if you are planning a private event that brings together close friends and family members only, consider asking your family members to spread the word about the event.

Time And Venue

Although wakes are usually held after the funeral service, you still need to inform guests of the time and venue. Since these events are considered to be less formal than the funeral service, the schedule and timing tend to be relaxed. However, if you are hiring a venue, you might need to keep the schedule tight.

Wakes are usually held at home, social pubs, pubs, church halls and sports clubs. Your choice depends on the size of the group you are panning for as well as your available budget. Remember to notify guests of the location of the venue for the wake.

Food And Drink

As previously stated, food and drink is normally served at a wake. However, you can also choose to leave it out of your event. The nature of the food and drink is determined by your preferences, the deceased’s favourites or what is allowed at the venue. Some venues offer catering services, included in the venue booking fee. If this is not the case, you can ask your funeral planner to help you find the best caterer for the event.

It is also customary for guests to bring various food items to a wake. So, if your budget does not allow you to book a caterer, consider asking guests to bring some food items. Be sure to notify the venue’s management about such plans to avoid conflict.


Today, it is normal for people play music and even picture slideshows at wakes. Whatever you choose should be in line with the personality of the deceased. You can provide your own entertainment or ask the management of the venue you are using to provide it.

Planning a wake may seem like a huge challenge considering the fact that you are also be dealing with the loss of a loved one. With the above tips in mind, you will find this task to be much easier.