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Tips on Taking a Pro Bono Case Without Losing Money

As an attorney, you’ll be required to take pro bono cases every once in a while. You’ll not only be doing to maintain your image but for the public good. What if you take a pro bono case that will eat into your time and resources? As much as it can be extremely rewarding, you might not want to compromise the profitability of the firm. There are still ways you can take pro bono cases without losing money and we’re going to talk about it in this post. Before we delve deeper, we need to first understand the benefits of taking pro bono cases.

Sense of Fulfillment

This one of the main reasons why a lot of attorneys will want to take on pro bono cases. It’s not always about the money with the law. You could be genuinely interested in a course and the best way to demonstrate it is by doing what you know best without expecting a reward. A law firm like is a good example of what compassionate representation is all about. Even if it’s not a pro bono case, there is still the human touch when it comes to legal representation.

Enhance The Reputation of the Firm

Having a good image is important for attracting potential clients and there is no better way of doing so than taking up a pro bono case. Most honors and awards will require that a law firm is engaged in pro bono activities. You can’t pick up such awards when you’ve never handled a pro bono case before.

Learning Experience For Budding Lawyers

Pro bono cases can help young lawyers to build their skills and confidence. They’ll be energized to make a difference as such opportunities will not come by that easily. You also want to be involved in the case so as to show the firm’s commitment to the pro bono representation.


With pro bono work, you might be forced to work in an area of law that isn’t your focus. This gives your new perspectives on how to tackle cases. You can be an IP attorney but want to help someone with an immigration case. Getting out of your comfort zone is highly recommended as it makes you a better lawyer even in your area of specialization.

Attract New Recruits

New recruits will want to know the firm’s policy on pro bono cases. Appealing to new young lawyers will be a lot easier if your firm handles pro bono cases every now and then. Most new attorneys are committed to proving themselves and pro bono cases can be the perfect launching pad.

Having looked at the advantages of taking pro bono cases, you might be wondering how to go about the whole process without losing money. It’s pretty straightforward.

Pick a Course You’re Passionate About

When you’re invested in the case, it will never be about the money. You’ll be willing to go above and beyond to ensure that you’re giving the case attention that it deserves even if it means working longer hours. When you pick a case that you’re interested in, it will not be seen as work.

Evaluate Resources Available For The Case

You’ll need to evaluate the resources that can be dedicated to the case from the onset. There is no reason why you’d want to overwhelm your staff by taking on a case that will require a lot of time and resources. There are still other deserving cases that won’t be as involved.

Clear Expectations

You need to figure out your availability and the expertise that will be required for the case. Make sure to have this conversation early on so that everyone is aware of what is expected of them with the pro bono case.

In most jurisdictions, attorneys can receive waivers when they take pro bono cases. This shouldn’t be the only reason for wanting to help people with legal issues. Depending on the nature of the case, it can be arranged so that attorney fees are covered if the verdict on the case leads to a positive outcome. This is usually when compensation is involved. Most clients will agree to such an arrangement as they don’t have anything to lose.

To Conclude

Taking pro bono cases could lead to tax deductions. To a lot of attorneys, the time that is spent on the case will be the biggest concern. Provided you’re passionate about the representation, you can always make time for the pro bono case.