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Tips to Choose Best Custom Boxes for Your Product:

Every physical product requires some packaging boxes for them. In the past, people were not paying attention to their product packaging and they were using plain, stocked, and pre-made boxes for their general needs. But, now trends have been changed and people know the importance of custom boxes very well. A box that can be manufactured as per your required shape, style, and size is known as a custom box. When some kind of offset or digital printing is performed on them, these are known as custom printed boxes. Most companies are now using the offset printing process for these boxes.

We are publishing this guide for a special reason. There are many small businesses in the world especially in the USA that are totally clues about how to choose the custom boxes for them. We will also discuss how to choose a good custom packaging company for your needs. Large businesses always look for a wholesale supplier but small businesses prefer the companies that can offer them custom printed boxes no minimum.

Importance of Custom Boxes for Your Business:

Packaging of your item is the first impression for your potential customer. Here, I would like the attention of small business owners. Suppose that you are going to launch a small business and are having many giant competitors. In this regard, a good custom packaging can play a very important role in driving new customers towards your product. Many packaging experts claim that people often buy a product by just seeing its attractive packaging design. Indeed, that is true to some extent in my opinion. Just suppose that I am a regular buyer of any cosmetic product and I am going to market to buy a new cosmetic product for my needs. If I will see some attractive cream box of a new company, I may buy that product due to its attractive packaging design. That’s why in the stores, many intelligent business owners like to keep display boxes for their products. These display boxes have attractive artwork printed on them with some vital information about that company that plays a role in the conversion of a new customer.

How to Choose Custom Boxes and a Packaging Company?

Before choosing a packaging company just check if they are registered in a specific country or not. Secondly, just look for a company that is offering free shipping and design support to the USA. You can ask for the samples for your satisfaction prior to the order. Usually, there is a small shipping fee that you have to pay if you want samples of some custom printed boxes. In this way, you can check the quality of stock and printing that a company is offering. There are many companies in the USA that are offering custom boxes wholesale in the USA with free shipping and design support.

Before shopping of custom boxes, you need to have the exact dimensions of the product. In this way, you can buy snug or lose fitting boxes with perfection. After finalizing the box dimensions, you have to select a suitable stock depending on the product’s nature and weight. Usually the option of Kraft, cardboard, corrugated and rigid stock is available. For direct, shipping purposes corrugated is the most preferred option. While for luxury products, you can choose rigid boxes. For all other products, Kraft and cardboard boxes are used most of the time. If you are still having confusion, you can contact a custom packaging company and they will guide you in the best way.

The best feature that differentiates custom boxes from pre-made is the offset printing. It means that you can print your artwork on custom packaging boxes. Usually, big companies hire dedicated designers to prepare attractive artwork for their product packaging but small companies cannot do it due to limited business. In this regard, you can seek assistance from any custom packaging company as many of them are offering free design support when you are willing to place an order with them. This is all that you need to know before the shopping of custom boxes for your needs.


So, the custom packaging of your items is the most important factor for new lead generations, sales, and conversions. It doesn’t mean that the product inside the packaging is not important. It is important for the reconversion of a customer. But, the product packaging of your box is of equal importance too.


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