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Tips to Enhance the Design of Your Shopify Store Development

Building a Shopify store needs you to take even small points into consideration. Even the minor details make the biggest impacts on your store’s performance. They ensure that your Shopify store engages customers and makes them stay.

Enhancing your store’s design according to the feedback can improve conversions and provide a better consumer experience. In this blog, we want to help you with some valuable tips to enhance your store’s design.

If you are planning Shopify store development, take a look at the tips below to ensure that it turns out well. These tips will help your customers to have a positive shopping experience and will make them return back.

Add an intelligent pop-up strategy

You must make sure that the customers enjoy shopping at your online store and not feel annoyed. Many stores bombard the customers with a lot of pop-ups asking them to subscribe to their memberships, ask for notification permissions or redeem a discount.

These pop-ups right after entering the store may annoy customers and make them leave the website immediately. They do not even subscribe and head to other stores quickly.

While developing your Shopify store, ensure not to offer a shower of pop-ups for customers. But that does not mean that there should be no ads at all. Here is how you can add pop-ups to your site smartly.

  • Determine one highlighting message or pop-up for your website. It may be anything from the subscription box, spin wheel to web push opt-in. Choose any one pop-up to engage your customers. Perhaps, a web development agency can help build an impressive template for your pop-up.
  • Make it so appealing that the customers do not want to skip it. Make it your best output that brings better conversions. Put forward the most amusing offers to tempt your customers.
  • The pop-up should appear after 5-10 seconds the customer enters. It will help the customers to take a look at your store before purchasing anything.

Highlight details with different colors

Aesthetics play a significant role in improving your store’s efficiency. A majority of customers decide to shop from a store based on its colors. Moreover, half of the customers do not return to a store again if they dislike the colors.

Colors are a significant part of your website, and not understanding their importance may leave your customers uninterested in your store.

  • Highlight important parts of your website in the brand’s colors. It makes the shoppers notice what’s important.
  • CTA buttons should be marked green since it is a symbol of moving and positivity.
  • Do not choose too many colors for your website. It may look like clutter.

Add high-quality images

Your products are the life of your store, and they have to look attractive. Putting low-quality, unprofessionally clicked photographs would not attract any customer to buy from your store. The product images should be high quality, well-shot and beautiful.

Take a look at some of your favorite online stores and analyze their product pages. It will allow you to get an idea of what your product images should look like.

Use appealing header and footer

Your landing page needs to be attractive enough to catch the customers. It should have a positive effect on the visitors and should leave them feeling euphoric. Try adding new additions and bestsellers on your storefront to offer an editorial look.

The header and footer of the store should have featured images that make the customer click on the product immediately. You can seek help from a web development agency to get professional guidance on what your store should look like.

Shopify store development needs to be performed with patience and keeping certain factors in mind. Mind that the design of your store can have a significant effect on your customers’ perspectives about your brand.

If you wish to bring conversions, give some thought to the tips mentioned above.