Tips to Prepare for a Botox Procedure

Facial wrinkles and other shortcomings of the skin can be an uncomfortable sight to behold. Most of us try everything to make them go away—face creams, face masks, eating certain foods, and even Botox. Kimiko Botox offers excellent Botox services to reduce your wrinkles. Botox is a perfectly safe procedure used for treating many other conditions apart from wrinkling. These include creases between your eyebrows, furrows on your forehead, and lines around the sides of your eyes known as crow’s feet, frown lines, and thick bands on your neck.

Botox is a kind of treatment where you get chemical injections to help improve your skin condition. Are you considering having a Botox procedure done? Below are the tips on how to prepare you for the injection and ensure all goes well.

Know when Botox is not the right choice for you

There are certain conditions which may make you an unsuitable candidate for a Botox injection. If you have a Botox allergy, for example, you may want to keep off the procedure. A Botox allergy manifests itself in symptoms such as hives, wheezing, faintness, itching, and rashes. Other conditions that should cause you to keep off the treatment include infection at the site of the injection and muscle or nerve disorders. Do not go through with a Botox injection if you have had recent surgery, you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or you experience breathing or swallowing problems.

Consult with your doctor if you are on medications

Some medications react with Botox and result in serious side effects. Some of these include blood thinners, sleeping aids, muscle relaxers, vitamin E, and painkillers such as Ibuprofen. Other medications that do not also auger well with Botox are allergy medications.

Quit smoking for a while

Smoking before your Botox injection can cause you to get bruised and slow down the healing process. You also need to keep off cigars after the treatment and take time to heal. The waiting period could be a week or two before and after you undertake the procedure.

Cleanse your skin

Rid your skin of any make-up, moisturizers, cosmetics, and dirt before your treatment. Avoid harsh soaps as well, and use a mild soap or cleanser with warm water. When done, rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean towel.  If your face is prone to bruising, apply arnica cream to reduce the chances of bruises developing at the site of injection. Do not, however, apply it on an open wound.  You can also use an icepack to minimize signs of bruising.

Choose a time when you are stress-free

The thought of getting an injection may cause you to be anxious and restless. Make an appointment at a time when you are well-rested and relaxed. Mornings can be good, especially after you have had a good night sleep and taken a relaxing shower.

Botox is the most common non-surgical procedure, even performed by non-medics. Ensure you get the procedure done in a sterilized and well-equipped medical facility to avoid any setbacks.