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Tips to Save Your Old Pictures and Old Data

We all agree that we have certain sentiments and emotions associated with old photos. These serve as memories from the past with which we recall all those times. Losing these memories is something we cannot bear to face. In case if we lose our data, we have plenty of ways to recover it like data recovery in Melbourne. These recovery experts help us in making sure we have the maximum data in our hands. However, saving your data and photos should remain a number 1 priority for you. Here we will discuss some easy ways with which you can save your data and memorable photos.

Scan Your Photos

The easiest way to make sure your photos and other visual data remains safe is to scan them digitally. All it requires is a good quality scanner, laptop and some time to process them. You can do it at home or anywhere else if you have a portable scanner. Besides, you have an option to do some retouching before saving them. Most of the scanners come with their pre-programmed operating software but you can also use custom programs for your ease. Take special care while scanning as any dust or smudge will show up on your digitized image. The scanning process is time-consuming but you have full control over what to save or not.

Backup Your Hard Drive

Make sure your data and photos do no remain in a single place like your PC or laptop. You can copy all your data on an external hard drive periodically if you do not have any other backup solution. Everybody is paranoid about losing his or her data or photos in case of an electrical surge or similar accident. Hence, backing up your data on an external drive will help you recover your data safely. A simple step to further protect your data is to store that external drive somewhere else to avoid theft or damage. Make sure you keep the data away from places that remain prone to accidents or any other mishap.

Use Online or Cloud Storage

While earlier we used to burn our data and images on a CD/DVD, it was a costly and time-consuming method. Not to mention keeping a huge pile of them anywhere required much space. The introduction of online storage solutions has eliminated the time and space requirements. You can use several storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive for safekeeping.

On the other hand, if you have a huge album, you need to save or any other data besides photos, you can use cloud storage solutions. Cloud storage enables you to save your data while you remain online automatically. It is the easiest and sure-fire way to save your data. You can make mirror images of your hard drive and save them to cloud storage for immediate access. In case if something happens to your laptop, your data will remain secured without you even knowing it. Some cloud storage solutions offer you a variety of storage spaces at very cheap rates, which remain lesser than any external storage. In this digital world, having a backup on cloud storage makes all the difference in your busy schedule.

Use Email Accounts

While not a very effective way, it remains a solution in case you remain oblivious about others. You can email all the photos regularly on any secondary email account so you can have a backup of your photos. The only drawback is that you have a limited space to store your photos and heavy data is not a possibility. However, the data you think is important and not very large in size; you can create email backups. It requires careful planning and time to organize them in an accessible manner properly.

Use Your Smartphones

Today, smartphones have integrated themselves in all aspects of our lives. Whether business or personal, we have almost every solution readily available. Just lie having data and photos on your laptop. Modern smartphones offer storage space that you can use as an external source to save your data. The operating systems of smartphones have given us quite a lot of solutions we can use for storage. Just having a smartphone is more than enough to make your backup process easy.

You can use scanning apps to scan your photos or use your phone as a portable hard drive to move large data. You can remotely access your cloud storage from anywhere in the world as long as you remain connected online.

Additionally, you can send instant emails of the photos to your secondary address. The more creative you become, the more opportunities you have. The sky is the limit as to what you can do with a smartphone.

Going Old School

Sometimes, too much dependency on technology can also backfire. Going towards old traditions of organizing a printed photo album may give you a solution for data storage. While this solution is only useful for imagery and photos. It remains a costly method. However, it is also the best way to save them from digital loss or theft. An added feature it provides is to have instant access to whichever archive you want. You need a lot of space to store these albums but easily accessible for the whole family.


Everyone has precious moments of their family and friend in photos or important data for use. Having storage solutions to keep them safe is an investment you have to make. You probably have family albums that you have printed before digital age or work data passing down from years. You need to make sure everything remains safe and accessible for you to have peace of mind. Using these methods mentioned earlier, to save your photos and data proves to be some of the best ways. While some are exclusive for only photos or others for digital data. Using these options as per the approach will enable you to have the data safe and accessible anytime you want.