To know if you have to change mattress Hows? Is it related to your health?

Experts recommend changing it approximately every 10 years. However, depending on our life circumstances it may be recommended to do it before. In a period of 10 years many things can happen – we grow, we raise or we lose weight, women can become pregnant, we fall ill and suddenly we have to spend more time in bed, we can suffer accidents or injuries and a part of our body requires a special care. Because during these times you get bad effects from lack of sleep on brain. Depending on our lifestyle we will have to consider an early change of the mattress.

What are different scenarios?

As we know, the time of life will depend basically on the quality of the mattress that you bought at the time, the use you have given, your bodily characteristics and even the materials with which it is made. If the mattress you bought is dented or sinks when it is in warranty period you will have the right to have it replaced by a new one because it is considered a manufacturing fault. However, if they appear after that period, it may simply be due to the use that was given to them.

Mattresses need minimal care such as turning them over 3 or 4 times a year, ventilate them or look for suitable bed bases that adapt to the type of mattress. The needs of a young child are not the same as those of a teenager, so the mattress must also be different. Find out what type of mattress is best for your children, the one that best suits your weight and body shape. You can also reviews regarding rug in bedroom ideas. This will give you much benefits than watching advertisement on TV or asking friendly suggestions from neighbors.

Old mattress offers lack of sleep

If you are a woman and you have become pregnant, consider changing it after 3 month. Likewise anyone who has gained weight or lost a significant amount of weight will also have to do so. The mattress we use should be changed according to the different stages of life that we are living. Mites that accumulate on an old mattress can aggravate asthma. Due to lack of sleep we get different health issues. Only a good quality mattress can assure you a healthy sleep. Get your sleep cycle calculator nectar today. With it you easily understand the difference – how many hours you used to sleep earlier and, how many hours are you sleeping now after changing your mattress.

Mattresses and offers

Many stores offer gifts or discounts on mattresses when buying new furniture. You can renew your mattress for less money. However, before accepting blindly inform yourself about the type of mattress they want to give you or about which they want to give you a discount. Normally they are “predetermined” mattresses made with cheap materials, they may not be suitable for daily rest. In that case, you should leave them for the guest room since they are beds that are going to be used less frequently.