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Top 10 Grossing iPhone Apps from the Apple AppStore

Every day, new apps are being added to the iPhone app store – games, utility apps, fun apps, music apps, movie apps, you name it, it’s there. With nearly 2 million apps, the iTunes store is one of the best in the world, but how do you choose the best apps to download? Why not start with the 10 top-grossing apps from the app store and go from there?

10 Top-Grossing iTunes Apps:

  • Pandora – Music/Podcasts

Pandora is the number one music app, providing users with a personalized listening experience. You can create your radio stations from favorite genres, songs, and artists, find recommended stations, listen to podcasts, SiriusXM shows and more. Pandora offers a free version, a Plus version at $4.99 per month, and a Premium version at $12.99 per month, and both paid versions offering an ad-free experience, unlimited skips, better quality audio and more.  Adding music is as simple as searching and tapping the + button to add it. Free to download with in-app purchases, Pandora is compatible with iOS 13 or below and available on the Emus4U app store, link here –

  • Netflix – Entertainment

Netflix offers users the chance to watch their favorite movies and TV shows on their iPhone or iPad. Choose from top-rated movies, top TV series, documentaries and more and watch wherever you are – on the but, the train, your lunchbreak, etc. New content is added regularly, although some content is regional, and the more stuff you watch, the better the recommendations from Netflix. You can have up to five profiles, and you can download data for offline watching. Although the app is free to download, a Netflix subscription is required, and the app supports iOS 13 or below.

  • Hulu – Entertainment

Hulu offers a subscription-based viewing experience with more than 85,000 TV show episodes and thousands of movies to choose from. And the more you watch, the better Hulu gets at making recommendations for you. You can have up to 6 profiles, track all your favorites, watch on your TV or on your mobile and, for an extra monthly fee, add premium channels, or choose Live TV. Hulu is free to download, requires a subscription and works on iOS 13 or below.

  • ESPN – Sports

For sports lovers everywhere, ESPN is the perfect apps. Stream live games, watch the highlights or check on the scores for your favorite leagues and teams. Add teams to your favorites to get all the latest news and updates and listen to ESPN podcasts (requires subscription).  Choose the free version or go for ESPN+ at $4.99 per month for live streaming of thousands of events from around the world.  Free to download, ESPN offers in-app purchases and works on iOS 13 or below.

  • Amazon Music – Music

Amazon Music is an extension of the Amazon web experience and requires either an Amazon Prime membership or subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited. Fully integrated with Alexa for a hands-free experience, Amazon Music offers ad-free radio stations and playlists with unlimited skipping. Download music for offline listening, choosing from more than 50 million tracks, thousands of playlists and stations, and get recommendations. Free to download, a subscription is required, but a 30-day free trial is on offer. Compatible with iOS 13 or below.

  • LinkedIn – Business

LinkedIn is one of the most-used business apps in the world, helping you to further your career, find new jobs, or just stay in the loop with your own industry. Get recommended jobs, apply to jobs within the app, get alerts for new opportunities or the latest news, and get involved in discussions.  Build your network with ease and use a QR code scanner so people can connect t you instantly. Free to download, there is a premium subscription priced from $29.99 to $119.95 per month. Compatible with iOS 13 or below.

  • Dropbox – Productivity

Dropbox is a top app for storing stuff, be it documents, photos, music, books, anything. As a productivity app, it’s a great place for teams to store shared projects, collaborate and get real-time updates on any shared file.  Make changes, share, and get easy access to any file. Dropbox is free to use, but you can upgrade to a Dropbox Plus account to get 2 TB storage space (30-day free trial on offer). Existing Plus customers can go for Dropbox Professional and get 3 TB space. And with Dropbox Smart Sync, out of date files can be moved to the cloud easily  Free to use with in-app purchases, compatible with iOS 13 or below.

  • Crunchyroll – Entertainment

Watch the most popular Japanese anime, including Attack on Titan, NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS, Dragon Ball Super, Demon Slayer and many more. Using Crunchyroll to watch helps to support the anime creators bringing you new stuff every week. Shows will vary by region, and it is free to download with in-app purchases and is compatible with iOS 13 or below.

  • iHeartRadio – Music

iHeartRadio brings you thousands of podcasts, live radio stations, and playlists. Find your favorite local, national, or global radio stations, listen to music, chat, sport, and more, as well as a huge choice of podcasts – download to listen offline. Thousands of playlists to choose from and weekly playlists based on your own music preferences, as well as artist stations. Listen free or go premium for an ad-free experience and the chance to listen to music offline. Free with in-app purchases, compatible with iOS 13 or below.

  • TIDAL Music – Music

Millions of songs and videos to choose from in this global music/entertainment app. Choose from more than 56 million music tracks, 225,000+ videos, and enjoy the best quality audio with the lossless audio experience. Import your own playlists or choose from curated playlists, whatever suits your mood. Subscribe to TIDAL X for exclusive concerts, tickets, meet-and-greet, offline listening, and more. Free to download with in-app purchases, TIDAL is compatible with iOS 13 or below.

These are the 10 top-grossing apps in the iTunes store from a list released by Apple. This list is constantly being updated, and new stuff makes it on there all the time but, given that these apps are already so popular, they are not likely to fall off the list anytime soon.

Are you using any of these?

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