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Top 10 Reasons to Hire Ranger Security Services

Rising news about crime in businesses, homes, apartments, and at events have everyone on edge. Consequently, business owners, homeowners, and event organizers give a lot of consideration to hiring security, particularly from a security guard agency.

In fact, the employment of security guards in the US is expected to rise by 5% annually, with California topping the list as having the highest employment for security guards.

Security guards are a trained and skilled workforce that carries out the responsibility of securing an area or person[s] and preventing crimes. Many celebrities employ Ranger armed security guard services as bodyguards and security to protect them. Security guards are also contracted by schools, hospitals, corporations, banks, and other significant organizations. They also ensure the safety of well-known public or political figures,, and prominent corporate leaders. There have been numerous cases where security guards have made a huge difference in someone’s safety, or prevented crimes and accidents, or de-escalating potentially dangerous situations.

Here are the most obvious and basic reasons security guards can be valuable for you and/or your business.

  1. Prevent Crimes

Security guards are trained for sharp observation skills, identification of suspicious activities, and preventive and defensive measures. They protect both establishments and individuals, wherever the principal stakeholders believe there might be a threat. At the highest levels of the professions, security guards have significant military or law enforcement training as well as advanced tech skills to operate the latest security software and equipment.

  1. Secure Customer Services

Apart from guaranteeing the security of your business, security guards can be useful in assisting customers or screening visitors, being a visible presence to make others feel safe, and directing people to safety in the event of a fire alarm or unexpected obstacle. For more serious situations, such as guarding highly valuable merchandise, businesses can hire Ranger armed security guard services when advanced weapon handling is part of the security assignment.

  1. Safe Business Environment

With a security guard at your business or office building, both employees and visitors feel a sense of security and safety. Everyone knows where to find security in a time of need, and the security staff continuously monitors the building and parking facilities to ensure the safety of those who work there. A secure office premise allows everyone in the building to focus on their business while the security guard team handles the protection of the environment around them.

  1. Trained Experts

Imagine a situation at work where everyone’s security was potentially at risk, but there is no security guard on duty. This can lead to panic, confusion, and a deteriorating situation. However, well-trained and experienced security guards know what to do immediately to contain or eliminate a threat and make sure that everyone else knows how to stay safe.

  1. Active Monitoring

A surveillance camera by itself is insufficient for protection. Security guards keep a close eye on all the activities in and around your premises, aided by high-tech surveillance equipment that they constantly monitor. If they see any risks, they are adept at neutralizing them. This proactive watchfulness keeps buildings and events safe.

  1. Promote Order

When an unauthorized person enters a restricted area, when a crush of people suddenly gathers because something happened, or when a fight breaks out between two parties, someone has to get control of the situation. That is the role of a trained security guard who can remove and restrain the unauthorized individual, contain and direct the crowd, and separate the participants in a brawl. Security guards restore order so that everyone else can get back to their day.

  1. Stability During Strikes 

From time to time, businesses will have labor strife and walk-outs or periodic strikes can occur. In these cases security guards play a central role, making sure that only authorized people gain access to the business. They monitor the premises for people who might not belong but could agitate, and make sure that people on all sides of the situation remain safe.

  1. Marketing Benefit

Uniformed security guards can promote a sense of safety and order in situations where that attracts customers. For example, at major sporting or music events, customers rely on the presence of security guards to feel safe attending, and stadium or venue managers make their the security staff stand out clearly for this purpose. Other businesses will park security vehicles prominently near their store entrances, or position security kiosks at the front of a mall to promote the idea of proactive security.

  1. Crowd Management

Crowds can form for all kinds of reasons – an accident, an unexpected celebrity sighting, a broken elevator, fire drills  — but whatever the reason, security guards are trained to manage crowds to keep all parties safe. Also, crowds tend to obey security guards as they are seen as the authority in such situations.

  1. Emergency Response 

In case of an emergency, a security guard can quickly respond as they are present at the location and trained in emergency protocols. For instance, if someone is intoxicated and threatening, a security guard can remove and restrain them immediately rather than waiting for police to respond. If there is a fire or flood in part of the building, they can begin to remove people and establish order while the fire department is on the way. Once police or fire teams are on hand, the security guard can coordinate building resources, assist with information, and keep building owners informed of developments.


Security guard services add a level of protection to businesses that are otherwise unattainable. From retail environments to crowd control to emergency needs, the best protection comes when you hire a security guard agency. For celebrities or event venues where there’s concern about more serious security challenges, Ranger Armed Security Guard Services can provide security guards with weapons training who are also skilled with high-tech surveillance and monitoring. Your best bet for safety is to get in touch with a security guard service to employ the experts with the specialized skills you need.