Top 10 Stylish Vintage Barber Chairs

Getting a haircut is not just an activity, but an experience that involves the barber, the furniture, especially barber chairs, the equipment used, and the overall treatment. There are many barbershops today but choosing the right one should be pegged on the utmost satisfaction you get from it. Most patrons find the barbershop a place where they can relax and enjoy the ambiance. Comfort is therefore paramount.

The ability of the chair to comfortably accommodate the customer as well as the barber is paramount. It should be able to go up or down, recline, and swivel. It must be able to handle the consistent pressure from different weights. Some vintage barber chairs have been in existence since the mid-1800 when hair fashion American and European citizens started to embrace hair fashion.

By the 1860s, different designs of barber chairs were being produced in large quantities. In the 20th and 21st centuries, barbershops had turned into a place where men would converge to share their life experiences. Interestingly, there are numerous old-fashioned barber and salon furniture that are still in existence. Some of the leading designs are:

FlagBeauty: This is one of the most popular chairs that you will find in most barbershops. The steel heavy-duty frames make them long-lasting and can easily be adjusted. The customer is guaranteed utmost comfort from the high-density fluff throughout the hair trimming process. The only shortcoming of this great chair is that it does not recline.

Beauty Style: This is another popular option that is available in three distinct styles. It is hydraulic and can be adjusted up and down using a lever as well as sway about 360 degrees. This allows the barber to change the customer to different positions. However, it does not recline, which can be a bit uncomfortable if one was to sit for long durations.

Merax: This is one of the most adjustable barber chairs you can find in the market today. Using a hydraulic pump, the barber can raise or lower the chair with their foot. It can easily recline back and rotate 360 degrees. For comfort, Merax is greatly padded, satin finish and the upholstery is leather. It is durable, water, and stain-proof, making cleaning a breeze. The main shortcoming here is that tall people might find it a bit uncomfortable.

Funny Life: This model has a strong chrome base that keeps it steady when in use. It can be moved up and down using a hydraulic pump. Has sufficient padding for utmost comfort. Unfortunately, this is one of the barber chairs that doesn’t tilt back.

The Artist’s Hand Hydraulic Chair: This is one of the most comfortable chairs you can ever come across. It can recline by up to 145 degrees, allowing the customer more room for utmost comfort and relaxation. The headdress is adjustable to accommodate customers of different heights and has a footrest. It can conveniently be swiveled by up to 360 degrees and has extra features to prevent it from wear and tear.

BarberPub All Purpose Hydraulic: It is rated amongst the most ideal heavy-duty chairs guaranteeing the best value for money. It comes in a variety of colors and is supported by a strong and stable round base. It has a reclining ability of 150 degrees and can rotate by up to 360 degrees. The main concern with this chair is the vulnerability of the chrome base to rusting.

The BR Beauty K.O: This chair can accommodate customers of up to 350 pounds. It is aesthetically designed and has enough padding for utmost comfort. Its reclining ability is 180 degrees, and the swivel is 360 degrees. However, it lacks a headrest.

BarberPub Heavy Duty Vintage Chair: This is one of the most popular vintage barber chairs that offers the best features at just the right price. It is ergonomically designed and very comfortable, thanks to superior quality leather and high-density foam. The reclining angle is at 140 degrees and can rotate by 360 degrees.

Artist Hand Heavy Duty Hydraulic Recline: This is a feature-rich chair designed for comfort and durability. The aesthetic design and quality are unmatched. It can handle up to 440lbs with ease, it is comfortable, has 360-degree rotation, has 135 degrees inclination, and is easy to use.

Dir Heavy Duty: This unique, vintage design and functional chair are ranked amongst the best today. Comfort is guaranteed with the high-density foam, which has a locking headrest, and a hydraulic lift that can accommodate up to 580lbs. It is however not affordable and can only recline by up to 45 degrees.

Final Thoughts

Shopping for barber chairs can be a daunting task. You should however take time to study the design, the materials used as they determine their durability, the price tag, their weight capacity, swivel angles, and reclination abilities. Doing this will ensure that you get the best product from an assortment of available options.