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Top 10 Tips By House Removalists To Make House Relocation Easy

Relocation of a house is one of the most difficult and tiring tasks, and it undoubtedly comes amongst the top stress factors. Nobody likes doing it, and things turn worse if some of the things we’re carrying get damaged in the way. However, there certainly are ways how we can make packing and moving a less stressful and less difficult task if we follow some basic tips. Here are some of the tips listed by house removalists in Melbourne to make the process of shifting easier and safer:

Organise and prepare for the move in advance: It is advised that unless you are moving in a hurry, you shall avoid making any last-minute arrangements. Make sure you organise everything in advance and have a proper moving checklist based on which you work. Do not leave the packing for the last day. That can be a pretty tiring, clumsy, and risky task. Organising everything and preparing everything before the day of the move makes it much easier for you, as a result of which, the moving experience won’t be as bad.

Get rid of the unwanted items: It is very important to declutter before leaving from one house to the other. The lighter the packing is, the better is the experience. It is advised that the things that probably won’t be used at your new place shall be removed. Make sure that you sell or donate the items which you won’t be using. There is no point moving the boxes to the new house only to realise that they are sitting unpacked in the storeroom for months. Plus, once you start to declutter, you will notice that you have much more waste materials than you had thought.

Pick the right truck: Picking the right truck is also an important thing to take care of while packing and moving. If you are going for a long-distance specifically, it is better to have just one trip to take your house items from your old house to the new one. Even if the distance between the two places is not much, having everything transferred in a single trip is always better for everyone.

Have an ‘essentials’ and a ‘valuables’ bag: Always make sure that you have a one-nighter bag or something exclusive for the essential personal items, which you might need to use the very next day or in case of an emergency. Things like your purse, essential toiletries, clothes, snacks, mobile phone chargers, etc., should be in your essentials bag. There shall be another bag or folder that would consist of valuable papers and documents like the essential papers required at the place you are moving, your bank papers, credit and debit cards, passport, etc.

Disassemble the flat-pack furniture: You shall keep in mind that the flat-pack furniture that you own is not meant to be strong enough to last if met with a jerk or any other provocation. They are quite fragile, and it is not advised to take risks with such items. DO NOT TRY TO MOVE THEM WITHOUT DISASSEMBLING THEM. You can save a lot of damage just by going through a slight extra effort to disassemble the item and properly pack them before the move.

Respect your removalists: There are many occasions where the house removalists in Melbourne come across people who are quite rude and treat these helpers as if they are slaves, now that they are being paid. As it is said, it is not the lifting of terrible loads that is an issue. It’s the lifting of terrible loads for the terrible people that makes things more difficult. Please understand that these removalists’ work is quite difficult a job and requires a lot of physical strength and strain. The least you can do is respect how easy they are making your work for you, and don’t make the work more difficult for them by just barking orders.

Keep the kids at bay: If you have small kids, the task of moving can be even more difficult with them running around across the area. It would be very helpful if you decided to keep the kids occupied in something, away from the area of the work. Try to engage them in certain games or tasks. This would make the move much easier.

Don’t reuse the worn-out boxes: While packing your household items, ensure that the boxes you are using are not worn out. Reusing the worn-out boxes poses a great danger of the box getting torn or damaged, leading everything within the box to fall out and get damaged. Also, ensure that you tape the boxes on both sides with good moving tapes. Securing the boxes with an ample amount of tape is always going to make sure that there is less damage to the goods if any.

Highlight and mark the boxes with fragile goods: Always keep a permanent marker handy and mark every box as to what it consists of. This will make things quite easy during the move as well as during unpacking. Specifically, when it comes to fragile goods, make sure that you mark the boxes with ‘fragile’ in big, bold letters. This gives the house removalists in Melbourne an idea that the given box is to be handled more carefully.

Invest in equipment: Before you start packing for the move, make sure that you have properly invested in stocking up the supplies you need. The last thing you would want while dealing with the packing is to run to the store every time you need another box or tape. Ensure that you have ordered or purchased the box cutters, adhesive bandages, permanent markers, packing tape, garbage bags, paper towels, etc. Even if they are not all used at the time of the move, they will still be used later while unpacking or other work.

These are a few important tips given by house removalists in Melbourne to avoid having a difficult time during packing and moving. Keep these in mind and work accordingly to reduce the hassle during your move.