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Top 3 stress buster games you can play with family

Sometimes, it’s impossible to prevent stress buildup. It just happens. The only thing that adults can do is to learn how to manage and reduce their stress levels. It’s important to identify the trigger and then refocus attention on something else. Once you are relaxed, you will be able to find a way to solve your current problems. It’s essential to be aware of the fact that there is always a plan B. You just need to give your brain some time to figure everything out.

Psychologists recommend spending more time with family members to relieve stress and anxiety. Your family members will be able to help you refresh your focus and give you all the love and support you deserve. The most important thing here is to avoid taking your anger out on them. In order to relax and spend quality time with your family, invite your loved ones to play board games with you.

According to research, playing board games can be good for your mental health. It doesn’t only reduce stress levels, but it also boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, and improves cognitive skills. Games can benefit both kids and adults. So, turn off your laptop and TV and just enjoy the evening with your spouse and kids.

Here is the list of board games you can play with your family when you feel stressed:


Scrabble is considered one of the most popular board games of all time. It was invented in 1931 in New York; its original name was Lexico. The board game was translated into 31 languages and there are more than 40000 Scrabble clubs all around the world. Needless to say, the author of Scrabble architect Alfred Mosher Butts had a long and wealthy life.

It is a timeless game that can help you forget about your every-day problems. It can keep your mind engaged and stimulated. Also, it can strengthen the brain.

It’s impossible not to laugh during the game. Laughing is a healthy reaction that can lower blood pressure and boost endorphins. Besides, playing Scrabble is a great way to teach your children new words and spelling. Your loved ones might want to cheat, so make sure to keep an eye on them. If you want to become a master of Scrabble, consider using unscramblex. It can help you solve any kind of anagram.


Most probably, you have played Monopoly at least once in your life. Or, you might have seen other people playing it. According to research, more than one billion people worldwide have played this board game.

As you can guess, there is still a high demand for it. Each week, manufacturers produce 35.000 copies of Monopoly. Edward P. Parker, a former president of Parker Brothers, once said that the longest game of Monopoly ever played lasted almost 70 days.

Indeed, this board game can take a few hours. At the same time, it can help you change your focus. Also, you will have a chance to teach your kids something very important. They will learn how to negotiate and how loans work. Also, this game will force them to do the math and learn the basics of taxation.


Operation board game was invented in 1964 by industrial design student John Spinello. It is another excellent game that can help you ‘reboot’ your brain when everything falls apart.

The best thing is that you can play Operation even with your young kids. Who knows, maybe removing plastic ailments with a pair of tweezers will inspire your children to go into medicine in the future.

The bottom line

Awakening your inner child can help you handle difficult life situations. So, turn off your phone once you are home and invite your family to the living room. Bring a few board games so that your family members can choose something they like. The most important thing here is to forget about your obligations and responsibilities at least for half an hour, and let yourself feel like you are a kid again.

Also, playing Monopoly, Scrabble, or Operation with your family is a way to spend high-quality time with them. Avoid taking your anger out on your kids or spouse. If you can’t easily forget about your problem once you are with them, let your family know what you feel and want to change.

They are the most important people in your life, so let them be there for you. You can trust them unless you are playing Monopoly together (during this game, you can’t even trust yourself).


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