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Top 3 ways to compress PDF

The huge PDF file size is always a problem. Not only it will consume your storage but many online websites don’t allow you to upload PDFs bigger than a specific size. In simpler words, if you have a PDF with a huge size, you might want to reduce the PDF size and make it small. You can easily compress PDF using online tools. We will be seeing the 3 best tools you can use to compress PDF nine. All of them work similarly. You can choose the one that is best for you.


2PDF is one of the easy-to-use websites. Most of the websites will compress PDF for you. However, it’s all about which website is easy to use and will make your work faster. 2PDF is one among them. That’s not the only reason why we have it in the number one position. Along with this, has various options that will be helpful for you. You can merge PDFs and do various things with this tool. Therefore, this is the first and the best website to reduce PDF file size. You can surely have a look at the website at and then make the choice.


Another website or online tool that you can use to compress PDF is PDF2Go. It’s an awesome website using which you can compress PDF and decrease the amount of space required to store it. One of the reasons why PDF2Go is a good choice is because of the extra tools and features. You can merge or split the PDF with this. So, you can surely go with this website if you want. You can choose the compression option from the grid and it will take you to the compression feature. After selecting, you can upload the file and then download it with ease.


You can surely use IlovePDF. It’s a quite popular tool that allows you to compress PDF and get the minimum size for the PDF. Just like all the above tools, there are many other tools here that you can choose from. In simpler words, you can use many PDF tools that will allow you to play around with the PDF. This is why ILovePDF is on the list of our best PDF compression tools. You can surely use this to decrease the size of the PDF and download the output file. The output will be named by this branding. So, you will have to change it.

Final Words

To conclude, these are some of the ways you can compress PDF and reduce PDF size. You can go with any of the websites you want. All of them will work similarly. If you don’t want to waste your time in selecting the best one, you can directly go with the first online tool and you are all set to go. is easy to use and will compress your PDF. You can then save the PDF on your device or upload it wherever required.