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Top 4 Healthcare and Fitness Mobile App Innovation Trend in 2021

“In 2021 probably healthcare and fitness start-ups will rise the most,” One of our business analysts said during the joint discussion. There are loads of buzzing around this industry, and many people are coming with different ideas to give a boost that is needed to this very industry. If you want to learn more different how to build or improve your healthcare or fitness app, just get a consultation for enterprise smartphone app development from 9series.

The Healthcare and Fitness Industry is on the rise among different industries. One of the key reasons behind this is It’s failed (at some point or glance) to keep up with this dynamic, ever-changing digital era. Informational awareness is not up to the mark and is dominated by very few things. And It has a huge market. So, the bigger market brings new opportunities. The more options that are there, the bigger the scope for different businesses.

However, as developers who believe in bringing changes with the help of technology, we thought to pour some great ideas of our own to provide the knowledge to the entrepreneurs and help them stay up to date with the current scenario of the Industry. So, without further using some cliché words, let’s dive into that part!

Artificial Intelligence-based personal trainer app

It naturally occurs to anyone that If there are loads of innovations going on, Artificial Intelligence might play a crucial role. And It’s right AI helps the healthcare sector in many ways. Some of them are,

  • Google’s deep mind created an AI algorithm specifically to perform the analysis of breast cancer.
  • They help pharma researchers find new medicines, prepare different kinds of samples within the lab, and evaluate the best suitable options..
  • Find a patient’s symptoms, concerns related to their health, and different kinds of diagnoses more quickly than ever.

Virtual training

This is not so much a profoundly developed and supported concept until COVID19 came up and took place. It works in two ways:

  • Using 3D points and their specifications helps us to recognize whether we are doing our exercise or Yoga in the right positions or not. It measures our key topics such as joints, shoulders, neck base, hip, and torso, and some other parts. Compare them with accurately mentioned positions in the systems.
  • Numerous online meetings boost businesses, so the fitness instructors do one to one sessions (Online) with their respective fitnesses or patients to record them.

Machine & Deep learning

One might give credit for all innovations around the globe to either machine learning or Artificial Intelligence. But that is not the whole truth. Deep understanding plays an immense role when it comes to the healthcare industry.

With the help of Machine learning, we can easily find out the changes in behavior and related stuff around it. IBM Watson Oncology is doing this very precisely. They use the patient’s medical history and information and helps physicians to design better treatments. You might be surprised to know that they successfully established this process with the help of an application.

As we mentioned in our artificial intelligence section, how mobile app helps to solve breast cancer. But scientists are stuck when results are not being accurate as needed, so, To get the most precise results and study a bulk of data, they use some tools and techniques of Deep Learning. And within months, they proved significant improvement in the research.

Tracking & Learning:

Although it is common nowadays to track your fitness records like how many pushups or squats you did and track all your weight gain or loss and how you do it also when you lack how much should it need to reach the goal and many more things you would know. If you want to describe it in a word, you can track all the things you want around your fitness and diet.

During COVID19 lockdown and little post duration, one of the growing fields is learning how and when to do something. It is online and free for the consumer.

To cover up all in one, AI, ML, and DL is the future, and not even researchers are gaining loads of insights from it to help generic people but also ease our lives a lot easier than one could imagine.

With this, we almost covered many aspects of innovations regarding the healthcare and fitness industry’s mobile apps. If you want to read more about different tips and tricks to improve your healthcare or fitness app you can simply visit the 9series blog for more information.