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Top 4 Reasons People Choose All on Four Implants

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have healthy teeth all their lives. Accidents, genetics, and less than ideal dental hygiene are a few of the reasons why teeth fail. Whatever the cause, there are alternatives that patients can consider. It’s not unusual for a Mississauga cosmetic dentist to suggest what is known as the All on Four implant solution to certain patients. Here are a few reasons why this approach is such a good choice.

All on Four Works With Their Bone Structure

Individual implants require jaw bones that are sturdy. While there are surgical solutions to reinforce bone structure that’s less dense, they do take time and add to the cost of replacing failing teeth. Another way to go is to choose the all on four solution.

Rather than individual implants, a denture plate is held in position using four posts and caps. There’s typically no need to reinforce the bone structure, since the posts are inserted into areas where the bone will firmly hold the implants. As a bonus, those posts help to prevent shifting and shrinking of the bones much in the way individual implants do.

They Hate the Idea of Dentures

It’s hard to find anyone who relishes the idea of wearing dentures. While they are certainly superior to the designs offered in decades past, they still can only be worn for so long, they must be held in place with adhesive, and they will only last for a limited number of years. There’s a good chance that your Mississauga cosmetic dentist considers dentures to be a viable but not the best replacement for poor teeth.

Implants of both types are considered superior and longer lasting solutions. In fact, once those four posts are in position and the plate is attached, you could wear it for the rest of your life. Compare that with buying new dentures every seven to ten years.

The Patient Wants a Simpler and Quicker Solution

Individual implants are great, but it can take months to complete the process. With the All on Four solution, most of the work is done in a single day. You will likely need to return in a few days for your permanent dental plates. After that, you only need to practice responsible dental hygiene and see your dentist for annual exams and periodic cleanings.

They Love How The Implants Look

Implants of any type are hard to detect. The plates used with the four posts are so realistic that some people will swear that you underwent other treatments by a Mississauga cosmetic dentist and simply improved the look of your real teeth. What they don’t know is that you opted for Teeth in a Day that makes your smile looks like it did many years ago.

Are your teeth beyond redemption? The All on Four may be ideal for you. Schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist and explore your options. You may find that this approach is exactly what is needed to recapture your smile.

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