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Top 5 Best Tools For An Effective Growth On Twitter In 2020

Twitter is one of the biggest and most used social media platforms in the world. It is used by regular people as well as bigger celebs and personalities. And just like other social media websites like Facebook, Instagram and all Twitter have also become a platform where various brands have started marketing and advertising for their products.

Now, why should Twitter be used when you have Facebook and Instagram which are more prominent? The sheet is hidden in a study. Studies by various British Journals have stated that about 75% of Twitter users are either college pass-outs or working people. Thus you can say that all these users have an income of around ₹4 lacs to ₹ 5 lacs per annum for sure. As a result, most businessmen have taken to Twitter to find their perfect buyers.

But then the question is how are you going to grow in a vast platform like Twitter? To help you, here are some awesome tools which promote effective growth within a short time period –


Owlead is considered to be one of the best and most effective tips when you want to grow substantially on Twitter.

Owlead is primarily more beneficial to the business accounts as compared to the regular ones. But that does not mean that regular ones can’t avail of the features. Owlead works under the motto “Real Twitter Followers Effortlessly” and that means that you will be getting real-time people as your followers. And these people will not only follow you but also increase the engagement on your account on a regular basis.

This tool first filters the accounts and finds the best and most relevant ones. And then it automatically follows 50 accounts in the background on a daily basis without any human intervention.


The most loved and most preferred tool named Hootsuite is here to help you loads!

Hootsuite is preferably the best growth tool you will ever get. And there are several features it provides which make it the best. This tool is used by millions of marketers all over the world. The stand-out feature it provides is that it allows you to operate through multiple accounts at the same time over a span of several social media platforms. This means that you can run multiple accounts at the same time while benefiting from all of them. This tool also managed your tweets and @mentions.

It guarantees that you get the best results by giving you deal tube followers who, while increasing the numbers, also buy your products if you are an online seller!


Tweepi is a tool that completely focuses on the growth you want on Twitter.

Tweepi completely goes on its name and focuses on Twitter only. It has its own designed Artificial Intelligence which ensures that you get the desired number of followers you want. All you need to do is spend some time on your account and the tool and then Tweepi automatically grows your followers. And these are the real-time humans who are regular Twitter users. The Tweepi AI ensures that you have some engagement on your account as well by managing your tweets and brand strategy.

And the plans of Tweepi are very cheap and user friendly too!


Now Buffer is something that focuses both on growing followers as well as managing the content you post.

A buffer is a tool that is mostly used by content marketers and those who primarily focus on stuff related to content. So what is the specialty of this tool? Well, Buffer mainly focuses on drawing followers to your account rather than reaching out to them. And this is done only with the help of the content or the tweets you make or use. It schedules your tweets and launches them giving you the best results.

Now let me explain. Let us take the example that you are a blog writer. Now you need to write about 10 blogs and divide them into thirty tweets i.e. three tweets per blog. Then you have to feed them on Buffer. And the tool will automatically post the tweets as per you have scheduled them!


Sprout Social is one of the easiest to use growth tool that helps you grow followers substantially on Twitter.

This tool is primarily beneficial for businessmen and entrepreneurs. This app focuses on eliminating the use of any extra tool and thus comes with an all-round features system. While the primary target is to grow your followers and increase the engagement on your account, Sprout also helps you in setting up your tweets criteria. You can easily schedule your tweets beforehand and let the tool do its work.

You can also link all your other social media accounts to the tool for managing them on the same page as well. The tool will help you customize and schedule the posts for each of your social accounts as it believes that automation is the future of business!

These were a few tools that can help you in growing your followers as well as the engagement on your account. This is a tip for the businessmen, entrepreneurs as well as regular accounts. Adios!

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