Top 5 Highest Paid Actors of 2019 [Globally]

It’s enough to show that celebrities earn an impressive income from their profession. If my internet research is right, India’s veteran actor Akshay Kumar is the only Indian actor who has been recognized in the highest-paid actors’ list of 2019 released by the Forbes. Do you want to know the remaining highest-paid actors of 2019? If yes, then you have come to the right place. This blog gives you a clear insight into the top 5 highest-paid actors of 2019. So, let’s get started.

1. Dwayne Johnson – $89.4 million

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson earned the highest first position in the list of the highest-paid actors of the Forbes. Throughout the year, John has played a lead role in only one film, which is Skyscraper, and his other multi-starrer film Fast and Furious, all of this earned him an estimate of $89.4 million in total this year. From HBO comedy Ballers, he makes $700,000 for an episode. This star also earns the biggest upfront payday to the date for Jumanji, and earning is $23.5 million. Next year you will see this star in the Disney adventure Jungle Cruise.

2. Chris Hemsworth – $76.4 million

He has a huge fan base from the Avengers – Endgame, Just Man in Black: International, The Thor on-screen character arrived in the runners’ place in Forbes magazine’s latest list of highest-paid actors with $76.4 million earnings from movies alone. When it comes to his overall earnings in the celebrity 100 list, he moves down the rundown a little to #24, yet in Hollywood, his paycheque is heftier than the Endgame Thor’s BIMS. Just a month ago, the Australian actor, who resides in a pretty neat beach shack in Byron Bay, spoke about how he got into acting because his family had no money. He has a son named ‘Tristan Hemsworth’, you can read more about him on this website Walikali.

3. Robert Downey Jr – $66 million

After Avenger Endgame, his Iron man character has gained a huge acceptance of the watchers. He has earned $20 million from the Avenger Endgame upfront, and his total earning of this year is $66 million, according to Forbes. Nearly all of his earnings come from the acting, though he also has received millions of dollars from the Chinese company OnePlus.

4. Akshay Kumar – $ 65 million

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is the only Indian actor who has earned the fourth position in the highest-paid list of Forbes. As per Forbes, his total earning is $64 million. Akshay Kumar is currently starring in “Good Newwzz,” which will be released in theatres soon.

5. Jackie Chan – $58 million

Chan started his year from the Chinese movie “The Knight of Shadows: Between Yin and Yang” this year, as well as “Journey of China: Mystery of the Iron Mask,” which is currently in theatres in China. He is one of the most popular and experienced Chinese actors with one of the highest paychecks and renowned skills.

Final Say:

This is the list of the highest-paid actors of 2019 as per the Fobes report.