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Top 5 JDM RWD cars

JDM stands for Japanese Domestic Market. There is no doubt that car lovers always prefer old Japanese cars to buy because of its super functions. These vehicles are still famous for the last decade due to their general motor and mechanical industry. The best thing about the JDM car is its safety and protection. Four wheels car is always easy to travel, and obviously, customers must take it as a blessing. Most people feel comfortable driving the Japanese JDM car on the road. In this article, we explain the top of the JDM cars with all its features.

Mazda Miata MX 5

Miata is on top of the list in the market because of some features. There are four generations of Miata available in the market, and the company improved the components with time. Four generations include NA, NB, NC, and ND. ND model is most modern from all other models due to advanced functions. But NA and NB are best for people with a low budget. Miata will provide the customer with super affordable driving on the road. Every type of road situation can handle the smooth driving of Miata. Besides, its function is necessary to check the price rates, and the price rate of Miata is also affordable for many customers. Such as older Miata cars available in the market from 4000 to 7000$. Due to the low weight of cars Borderline, it becomes easier to handle on the road. Miata is the most affordable car on the list with proper functions.


  • Horsepower = 181
  • EPA-EST HWY MPG = 35
  • Skyactiv-G-cyl = 2.0L

Fiat 124

Like many people searching for cheap car rates, the Fiat car is not for those people because of high rates. But the car has some unique features. The car’s speed is effortless to handle on the road due to turbo-four quality, making the car’s weight only 184IB. Weight capacity is similar to the Miata of this car. The Fiat’s price rate is less than Miata, so the Fiat is the best choice for the people who don’t want to choose Miata due to high speeds, to select Fiat due to similar features at low rates as compare to Miata. Fiat is 124 rolls, which means that it is considered in cars with a roll body and excellent comfort level. The 6-speed manual is also the same as Miata.


  • Engine = 1.4 L multi air i4
  • Horsepower = 160
  • Speed manual = 124

Honda NSX:

The first-generation of Honda set the trend of the low budget in JDM cars with all new features. Honda was specially designed to compete with Ferrari’s functions because, at that time, Ferrari was great to perform and ranked first in the market. Honda made two seated super sports cars with an Italian engine and expensive models at a low price rate. Moreover, it 3.0 powerful liter valve VTEC V6 engine makes it more reliable. The vehicle also used Titanium to lower the car’s weight and increase its power on the road. The car’s design looks like an F-16 fighter gets with adding 700 rpm, and the engine strength is 8000rpm. Furthermore, the 360-degree angle enhances cars’ visibility during fast driving—all the Japanese technologies and models used in Honda make it a better choice.

Specifications of Honda NSX:

  • Model year = 1990 to 2005
  • Power output = 270 to 290 bhp
  • Drivetrain configuration = RWD
  • Engine displacement = 3 liters

Toyota Supra MKIV:

Toyota is an ancient Japanese company, and still, it is the best in the overall world since 1980. The modern model replaced the more aging body of Toyota cars with new and stylish development. The new one is sophisticated and gorgeous, with a complete wing. The turbocharged 2JZ engine enhances the car’s performance compared to the previous vehicle model. This new one model used twin-turbo to boost the engine and torque on the road to increase car speed. The speed of engine increased due to 0-60 mph vehicle accelerated and counties increasing within five seconds.

Furthermore, the company reduces this new model’s weight using Aluminum and hollow carpet fiber material in manufacturing. The Petrol tank is made with plastic for long-lasting uses. There are many other car features, including duel arbitrage, extra turbo, larger brakes, etc. the Toyota is lightweight but heavier than Mazda RX7.

Nissan Skyline GT-R:

Nissan is very famous in the market and also significantly older since 1969. But the older model again reviewed in

1989 to improve the features and functions. The first three generations were significant in the market due to extraordinary performance. R32 model is used to compete with racing cars in the market. Then Nissan enhances the features of R32 in R33 and R34 models. These two models are just great in looks and also in performance. Modern technologies are being used in manufacturing, such as the ATTESA E-TS wheel system and upper-Hicas wheel steering. Nissan Skyline GT-R competes with the super iconic sports car in the market. Also, it is called Top Gear in the market. Moreover, Jermy Clarkson considers it’s the best car in the world to use.

Specifications of Nissan Skyline GT-R

  • Power output = 276 bhp
  • Model year = 1989 to 2002
  • Engine replacement = 2.6 litres


We were honestly saying all of the above cars are being considered in the same category. There are many other RWD cars in the market, but these are top of the market’s best functions. We choose these cars due to the reasonable prices and great features. Japanese cars are the best for many decades. So if you want to buy a car with proper functions then must consider above mentioned RWD cars.


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