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Top 5 Reasons Why Big Brands Choose Twitter Over Other Platforms

So imagine you are a big brand. And you have just got an idea of printing yourself on social media platforms. Which one will you choose? Facebook? Twitter? Most of the bigger brands have started shifting to Twitter for their online promotions. And there are several reasons why they are doing so!

Here are a few justifications why Twitter has been preferred more over the likes of Facebook and Instagram –

Is Easy To Get Adapted To

Twitter is the simplest social media platform you can ever find and there is nothing you can’t do!

Unlike other social media platforms, it is quite easy to get adapted to Twitter. All you need to do is to spend some time running through the pages and scrolling down and you will see! You can just tap on one button to tweet something or tap on the share button to retweet something. And for businessmen, Twitter is one of the easiest ways of advertising. There are no complications as seen in the case of Facebook and Instagram. In these two platforms, you need to have a lot of ideas about Facebook Insights for doing some good advertising.

And believe, this is a tough task. But Twitter has nothing like this. Advertisers just need to promote their items through simple tweets and then they can easily monitor the customers and all other statistics.

Get Unlimited Free Tools

Now, this is what makes Twitter one of the best and most effective platforms of online marketing.

Unlike other social media websites, Twitter has various features that enable users to link and use other free tools for their benefit. And here I am talking about the businessmen and advertisers. These free tools can be used by any user without paying any money. Now, most of you will say that these tools are available on other platforms as well. But the fact is that though these tools are available, these are not completely free. The ones to use them need to pay some amount of money to avail of the features.

And thus Twitter is preferred over these other websites as it offers these features completely free! Do you need anything else?

Target Audience Easily

Yeah, I know this is a feature that you will find on every other social media website but wait! Read the point first!

When you are a businessman printing any brand or products online and want to become successful on social media platforms, you should know that you have to have a targeted audience. And from the targeted audience, I mean the ones who can purely suit your choice of products. For example, when you have jeans brands, you have to advertise them to teenagers and middle-agers. And hence you need to target your audience. And according to, about 85% of its users are either college students or working people. So they can very well generate their revenue through these people. And unlike Facebook, you do not need any extra knowledge for doing so. It is a very simple and easy process and thus is preferred by most marketers.

Get Viral Within Minutes

Being viral and famous is something everyone wants. And when you are a businessman, it becomes your need.

So why should you be famous? Now the marketers and businessmen know that they are not the only ones promoting their business and stuff on social media platforms. There are millions of such people out there doing so. And there are high chances that many of them have the exact same business as you do! So how are you going to sell your products? This can be done by getting more famous. And Twitter is just the perfect place you need. All you need to do is to make your posts and tweets compelling and interesting. Then you can request your current followers to retweet your posts.

When a lot of people retweet your tweets, you will see yourself in the trending section, and then you can grow very well! There is a great controversy about Twitter vs Instagram, which is best for business expansion and sales growth and still, it is very difficult to find the most appropriate one.

Find Bigger Influencers

One of the easiest and most effective ways of getting famous and viral is by spreading yourself everywhere.

And this is what you can do very well on Twitter. Now spreading yourself is not that easy! And when the platform you are on has a monthly user base of 320 million, it is more than tough for you! But one solution to this problem is collaborations. Collabs can be defined as a small venture of two or more influencers where each one of them is benefitted. And let me tell you that Twitter is the perfect platform for this. This platform has a huge user base which is a blend of all ages. And Twitter is used by big and popular celebs and influencers too!

So you can use this for your own benefit. You can search for your choice of influencer and ask him to do a Collab with you. Both of you can work together where he introduces you to his part of the audience. This is possible more efficiently on Twitter because you can easily get bigger influencers here!

These were a few reasons why Twitter is preferred by most businessmen over other websites. Adios!

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